Tortured Wood Armor

Tortured Wood Armor

Armor, artifact (requires attunement)


This suit of wooden armor was once Borcus’ chief protection.  Carved from the heart of a Blackwood Oak, the armor was then bathed in the blood of seven dryads and not allowed to see the sun for a year.  Vile necromancy spells combined with twisted druidic magic was cast over it every day during the winter, causing the armor to attain a sort of bizarre undeath unique in the world.  The armor that was once the heart of a living tree had become an undead horror that obeyed the will of Borcus.


When Borcus became a lich, he used the armor less and less, until finally, he decided that he was invincible enough without it.  He put the armor in storage, thinking that the artifact would be useful if he ever found himself in combat again.  Locked away in his secret and hidden treasure room beneath his throne, he forgot about it.


Any creature that tries to attune to the armor must make a DC 17 Constitution saving throw.  On a successful saving throw, the creature takes 5d6 bludgeoning damage and 5d6 necrotic damage as the armor attempts to constrict the life out of the creature.  On a failed saving throw, the creature dies and rises as a zombie.


Worn by one attuned to it, the armor can be used as +3 magical plate mail which only requires proficiency in light armor.  The armor also deals 2d6 piercing damage to any creature that hits the wearer with a melee attack as blackened thorns grow out of it in response.  This damage is considered magical for the purposes of overcoming damage resistance.  


The living armor has the following properties:


Beneficial Properties

  • Use an action to cast Bestow Curse.  Roll a d6.  On a roll of 1-5, you can’t cast it again until the next dawn.
  • While attuned to the artifact you can cast Antilife Shell.  Roll a d6. On a roll of 1-5, you can’t cast it again until the next dawn.
  • While attuned to the artifact you can cast Create Undead.  Roll a d6. On a roll of 1-5, you can’t cast it again until the next dawn.
  • While attuned to the artifact, you gain proficiency in Intimidation.


Detrimental Properties

  • While attuned to the artifact, other living creatures can’t take short or long rests while within 300 feet of you.
  • While attuned to the artifact, you deal 1d6 necrotic damage to any plant you touch that isn’t a creature.
  • While you are attuned to the artifact, your body rots over the course of four days, after which the rotting stops. You lose your hair by the end of day 1, fingertips and toe tips by the end of day 2, lips and nose by the end of day 3, and ears by the end of day 4. A regenerate spell restores lost body parts


Protection.  You gain a +3 bonus to armor class while wearing the Tortured Wood Armor.

Spells.  While wearing the armor, you can use an action to cast one of the following spells (save DC 18) from it: Blight, Contagion, or Grasping Vine.  Once you use the armor to cast one of these spells, you can’t cast the spell again from it until the next dawn.

Spirit of Borcus.  While the armor is worn, you add a d10 to your initiative at the start of every combat.  Your movement is increased by 15 while wearing the armor and you cannot be grappled, restrained, or prone.