Ineis Ironleaf

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Last known survivor of the Ironleaf family, born Seri Ironleaf some ninety-five summer ago in Esa’Mystentaili. Trained and groomed to help her family work on the Wood Wall, a defensive region in the Blackleaf to help protect the Verdant Kingdom from attacks by the Shoggoths and any other left over monsters from the Lich Wars. Her life became uprooted some thirteen years past when her home was razed by a sudden and unexpected attack by a swarm of undead. A vision from the forest left with with the realization that her sister was still out there and needed her help. It would be twelve years before she found her and it got her caught up in the current events going on in the world.

At a little over five feet tall, ninety pounds she does not strike a terribly imposing figure. Her long silver hair is riddled with seeds she picks from from plants and flowers she things look or smell nice, using her druidcraft spell she keeps them in something like a state of bloom. Lately seen dressed in the hide of a white dragon and sporting a rather barbaric looking cloak made up of a mishmash of different animal hides.

Recognized by the emperor of the Halcyon Empire for her part in helping return the first of the pillar’s of creation along with Obinorcle McTinkster she found herself knighted, given a cottage on the border with her old home, and named the empires ambassador to her people. Still on the trail of the pillars she has been having doubts about the Emperor’s plan since seeing the effects of the Rings of the Master, while she notes they seem quite useful and quite powerful they are not anything that would shake the foundations of the world. Still she carries on in the efforts against Maras mostly to protect any of her family that she hopes may, somehow, have survived the attack on her home.

Born to the Ironleaf clan and given the name Seri, she is the younger sister of Banori. Her clan had prided itself as guardians her peoples borders for centuries, keeping out all manor of threat. Thus, like all children in their clan, she was taught to fight. She kept trying to emulate her older sister, whom by the time she started her own training was an accomplished ranger but only frustrated herself trying to do so, she just wasn’t as quick or as strong.

She did end up finding a place with the druids, she was able to help keep their forest home strong to help ward off attackers, assist with illnesses, amongst other tasks. She ended up finding herself being less competitive with her sister, more sure of herself as she settled in. She was taken under the wing of Master Arbol, a druid of some renown who ended up being a supremely good teacher.

He took her to old growths, ancient groves, to watch the fey creatures. He attempted to teach her to look deeper into herself while meditating in order to try and listen to the natural world. This was done by a mixture he taught her of fairly common, but a wide selection of various plants, barks, and roots mixed into a drink and part breathed in a smoke. It gave an elf far more focus while meditating and the ability to look further into themselves. It also causes their awareness of their body to fade while in the deeper dream state. She found it really peculiar and strange, but she was never able to hear anything from the natural world, but she found she had total control of her thoughts.

Her time was split between going out into the wilds with Arbol and time at home. She really liked her growing ability to help those close to her, to be a part of her clan in a meaningful way.

She learned that while senseless damage to nature for profit, greed, or ignorance should of course be avoided, discouraged, and stopped, that vengeance against people who did the harm was not going to make anything better, she had to find a way to make the best of what was done and minimize the damage, or, ideally, find a way to improve on what once was if they could not be talked, tricked, or threatened out of the harm they were doing. Violence should be saved for extreme and special cases. Many of her people were all too familiar with the consequences of violence for vengeance, and how little if any good comes of it in the end.

She was looking forward to the future where she would be accepted as an adult in her cultures eyes, when she could go on adventures keeping the borderlands safe with her sister.

On a sunny day in her 82nd year, shortly after returning to her village along side Arbol the undead struck. There had been no warning, either their sentinels had been asleep at their posts, slain before any could escape to warn the village, or they had turned and ran. The mass of undead pushed easily into the village. The towns defenders quickly mobilized but they were spread out around the village, unable to effectively communicate and coordinate.

Seri was eager to show she was tough enough to join the warriors. She started heading to the front lines when Arbol put his hand on her shoulder and directed her to go hide under the bed in a nearby home. Looking at him a little surprised he’d ruin her chance to show what she could do. She sulked into the house, went to one of the windows and cracked the shutters open just enough so she could peer out and watch. She saw the elves quickly dispatching the first of the undead readily and seemingly with ease.

The odd scream was heard in the distance, and finally one of the defenders near her became overwhelmed, a mass of bloated corpses crashing down on him, ripping flesh from his body and pulling limbs off while he screamed. Flashes of light could be seen in the distance followed shortly by rumbling sounds, red glows appearing in the distance as smoke started to fill the skies.

She slid down to the floor doing her best to keep her stomach down and to not panic, failing a bit on both regards. After a minute or of screams and yelling from outside she gathered her wits about her and popped back up looking out again, all around she could see the undead feasting on and chewing on dead or soon to be dead citizens. There was still fighting going on, she could see Arbol and a number of elves still holding on. He saw her pop her head up and with a sad look on his face he beckoned her to come assist.

She battled with the other elves against the mass of undead exhausting her spells and forms. She turned to her bow and fired arrow after arrow until her quiver ran dry. Her arm grew too heavy to lift after hacking with her scimitar. She fell to her knees, exhausted after a few minutes of fighting.

Panting for breath she suddenly found herself tumbling head over heels caught in a huge gust of wind, the sounds that had been around her were dimmed and seemed to only be coming from behind her. The red tinged skies laced with smoke were gone as were all the familiar sites of the village. She sat up and looked behind her and saw Arbol on the other side of a gateway. He yelled for her to wait there. She started scrambling towards the gate but it quickly disappeared before she reached it. She clawed at the bark for a moment then sat staring, lost in the sudden peaceful sounds of the forest.

Seri remained in the clearing she had been sent for the rest of the day. She set herself up a small camp full expecting to get picked up in the morning. As she tried to trace that evening she quickly found all her thoughts going back to the attack, seeing her friends, family, and clan mates ripped apart, undead monsters feasting on them, alive or dead, screams filling the air and hot smoke scaring her lungs. It took some effort but she pulled herself out of her trance.

Wiping sweat from her brow and getting herself under control she tried once again but met the same result, her mind kept slipping to thoughts of it and nothing but. She decided to try the mixture she had been taught by Arbol. She gathered up the materials nearby and prepared them. That did the trick, as she started to slip she was able to push the dark images to the back of her mind where she figured she could safely ignore them for tonight.

She shook off the grogginess the next day as the mixture finished running its course. She gathered up her things and sat patiently in front of the tree he had used as his gateway expecting he would be by within a few hours. But as the day wore on there was no sign of him. She grew more concerned as the day went on. “There was probably a lot of things he was needed to help with after the attack.” she told herself, figuring he might need a few days before he actually came. So she waited another day, and then another, and another. Each night she prepared her mixture and banished the nightmares. She tried to listen deeply to anything the forest might have to say, but it too remained silent to her as it always had.

She spent a few of her days figuring out where she was, chatting with some birds she was able to get a general idea of where she was, somewhere in the northwestern Little Blackleaf Woods. After almost a week of waiting she realized he was not coming for her. She was going to have to get herself home. She packed up her camp and started heading east for the river, then cut north until she found a familiar crossing.

It took her several days but eventually she did return to elven lands. She first came across a border town not entirely unlike her own. There she found that word of the attack had reached this far, and she was stunned to hear it told that the entire town had been razed, no one knew if there had been any survivors this far out yet. The elves had been able to drive the undead from the forest a few days after the attack, no one was really sure how such a large force had been missed.

She heard the same every town she passed. Sometimes there would be a rumour of some survivors but she never found anyone who had actually run into any themselves. She shared her story of what happened to her. Multiple times she was offered a place to stay but she always turned it down saying she had to return home, she had to see it for herself.

As she neared her home she could feel the undeath that had stained the very ground. The forest was looking sickly, she could see extensive fire damage to most of the trees, the sounds for forest animals were almost non-existent, the only real source of sound was the wind blowing through the trees.

Charred corpses started dotting the landscape, one that were more intact she could see had large pieces of them missing, the ground around them stained with their blood and entrails. She wanted nothing more than to turn around and run away, but she had to know that there was no one else here.

She started passing razed homes and after a quick search but it was very quickly evident she was alone there. She set herself up in the burned our ruins of her family’s home for the night, having no idea what to do or where to go. As had become normal for her she took the mixture to help her trance. This time however was different. She saw her sister laying on a rocky surface, there were other creatures around but they were all fuzzy and she couldn’t make them around. Around Banori she could see a pool of blood coming from her, broken weapons around her, and she was gasping what appeared to be her final breaths.

She yanked herself out of the trance and was startled to find it was mid-day, it had only felt like a few moments. Without Arbol to ask about what it could mean she decided to go visit a druid friend of his whom he had taken her to visit a few times named Golvon. She had a glimmer of hope that maybe this meant her sister had not died here, the terrain did not look at all familiar, but alarmingly she was dying.

It took the better part of the rest of the day for her to make her way to where he lived. She saw a few potted plants containing what looked like the warped trees from her home. She found him slumped over one pouring a mixture over it. She let him finish up what he was doing before coughing to get his attention.

He turned around and looked at her as if he was seeing a ghost. The two spent several hours talking, she explained what had happened as far as she knew, he didn’t know of anyone who had survived. He had been attempting to draw the undeath from the forest around the town and had taken some samples to experiment on.

Finally she told him about what she had seen. He was visibly annoyed, he explained he had told Arbol that he should not show her how to create that mixture nor attempt to use it yet, she was far too inexperienced. At best she would hear confusing messages from nature, and who knows how her mind would interpret them, on top of the dangers of using it while alone since it leaves you with little to no sense of what is happening around your person. More than once a user of it had been found dead, looking as if they had put up no struggle at all.

While not being able to tell her with absolute certainty, he expected that the increased undeath in the land had made the ‘sounds’ of nature’s pain loud enough for her to hear, but not being familiar at all with what it is or means her mind had interpreted the messages to be great pain and suffering of something important, so her unconsciousness superimposed her sister in place the nature. The fuzzy parts were likely lesser issues of far less importance than this harm. The broken weapons indicated it was helpless against the nature of the injury. Communing this way can take time, so it is not unusual to be surprised to find far more time than expected had passed.

Heartbroken, she nodded at his explanation, it made sense to her, despite much she wanted it to mean otherwise.

Golvon urged her not to use it any longer, until she was more experienced at the very least. While it was offering her a way of ignoring her trancing issues he encouraged her to seek out assistance from one of the priesthood, they might be able to assist her with learning to cope with them. Finally he offered to let her stay with him for the time being as well but she turned him down wishing to return home to see if she could put any pieces together. He wished her well on her way and said he would come by in a few days to see how she was doing.

The next day she returned home. She went about some of the ruined homes searching for any items of value. Virtually everything had been destroyed, but she did find a few odds and ends, most important to her was an intact book of her clans history. She gathered up the items in the ruins of her home and prepared for another night. Again she found she had a vision of her sister, it played out the same expect the end. Her sister turned her head towards her and looked her right in the eyes and mouthed her name!

She snapped awake, finding it mid-day once more. She took a long look around and decided it had to be a vision of her sister, why would nature use her name if it’s just crying out? She had to be alive! But if it was a vision it meant Banori was in some kind of danger. She quickly gathered up her belongings, she did not really have any idea where to go, only that where ever the image was it was not their forest. There wasn’t much she could do here at any rate, healing the damage was far beyond her current abilities, she would return someday to drive the undeath from the land, but if there was a chance her sister was still alive that came first. She cast aside her child name and took on the name Ineis and left for parts unknown.

She started visiting city after city asking in all the drinking holes where adventures gathered if they had run into anyone fitting her description. She started to hear stories from time to time about an elven ranger seeking vengeance against the undead who actually seemed to match her description. But she quickly found, if it was in fact her sister, she was not staying put for very long. She’d start telling stories to people about her sister, herself and how she was looking for her, and her people, trying to weave them into tales people would listen to. If she couldn’t catch Banori maybe a story would and she might investigate it.

When visiting the city of Mir she ran into some trouble with the local authorities. She made heard of an illness making its rounds with the lower class folk, she brewed up some medicine on her trip there to give to anyone she ran into, and a particularly mean spirited alchemist who was making some good coin off his cures caught wind of her distributing it. He alerted the guards that someone was partaking in the alchemy trade selling wares and whom was not licensed. When confronted by the local authorities she of course claimed she wasn’t selling anything but either the merchant was influential or they didn’t believe her. She ended up evading them via her shape shifting. Thinking it is very unlikely anyone would recall the event much less her, she none the less opted not to return there unless she was following up a lead. It served to make her rather distrustful of the empires legal practices as well.

After 12 years of wander this way she finally caught a break. She heard there was an elf matching her sisters description heading up towards the Great Northern Woods with a small group of people. They were going to be making a stop before heading along that way so if she hurried she might be able to make it to the town of Woodsedge before them. While she may not be stopping by there, and could very well not be her, it seemed to make sense and was her best lead in years…


Banori Ironleaf – Her elder sister whom she set off to find after receiving a vision of her death. Upset that she could do nothing to change it when the time did come, her death caused her to look at her sisters motivations differently and now thinks she is following in her steps to a degree.

Linala Ironleaf – Her younger cousin. Once she gained the ability to scry she set about looking for any of her family. While not locating anyone she did come across a clearing where she found recent bloodshed and a doll Ineis had made for Linla.

Anabelle and Ramas – Initially creeped out by Anabelle and afraid of the the big man’s temper, she found herself missing Ramas after his death, he had been the most constant person in her life for the last thirteen years. She visited their village to fill them in on what had happened to Ramas, and much to her chagrin they set off to get vengeance on the mountain elves.

Kalshaazakkeh Lonescale – While definitely not what she would think of when she thinks of paladin stereotypes, he proved to be, in her mind, the one closest to the standard when compared to the others she has met.

Maethic Ringsmith – While not really getting the chance to get to know him at all do to their short time together she

Obinorcle McTinkster – She sees him as a bit of an eccentric old man. He’s very resourceful and skillful in her mind but she is well aware of how easily he can get distracted with his other interests.

Family Tree

Journal*These need some cleanup
1-1: The Long Wait
1-2: Overdue Reunion
1-3: Oak Collection
1-4: Oak Delivery
1-5: The Last Leaf On The Tree
2-1: The Silver Sea
3-1: Hope’s Cove
3-2: Dinotastic
3-3: Sir Geoffrey
4-1: Square One

Additional Spells:
New Plant Growth Option – Make fruits/veggies on the plants grow larger in size – Learned from Stone Giants
New Commune with Nature Option

5th-Level divination (ritual)
Casting Time: 1 Minute / 30 Minutes
Range: Self
Components: V, S (and M for new option, must consume parts of the forest)
Duration: Instantaneous / 8/24 Hours

blah blah stuff from first part

Or it may be cast on a forest you are in tune with. You get some basic general information including the overall general health of the forest along with it’s wants and needs (it won’t pinpoint specific ills, it won’t for example tell you that there aren’t many owls in quadrant A4, but it might say the forest sure could use some more owls).

If the forest is ‘sentient’ enough to communicate back (which would be more a spiritual thing decided by the GM) it can step in and rather then the caster getting the checkup results gets details from the forest directly expressed as either visions, written words, sounds, or whatever means the gm comes up with.

A checkup takes 8 hours and may be interrupted by the caster should they desire. If the forest has something to say it’s duration may be up to a day. The caster may attempt to break this but it requires a Wisdom save against the forests DC (so something fairly high) and may only be attempted once per casting. While communicating the caster is unaware of the outside world.