Halcyon Magic Items

Magic Items


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Amulet of the Guardian

This amulet functions as the amulet required to control a Shield Guardian.  In addition, there is a tiny metal figure that resembles a shield guardian which can only be removed once the amulet is attuned to the wearer.  Once the amulet is attuned, the figure can be removed; as the figure is removed, it transforms into a full-sized Shield Guardian and functions as the wearer’s Shield Guardian.  If the wielder wishes it, the Shield Guardian can be transformed back into a figure and reattached to the amulet.  However, if the wearer transforms the guardian back into a figure, they must wait until completing a long rest before returning the shield guardian back to its full size.


Auto-Injection Syringes

Auto-injection syringes that provide the following bonuses:

+1d6 Strength, +1d6 Constitution, and +1d6 Dexterity.

The user’s maximum hit points increase by 25.

-1d6 Intelligence, -1d6 Wisdom, and -1d6 Charisma.

The effects last for 1 day, then the user is afflicted with 1 level of exhaustion.

The effects do stack, but if Int, Wis, or Cha is reduced to 1 or lower, the user must make a DC 20 Wisdom saving throw or enter a rage and attempts to kill any who are nearby, starting with the closest creature.  The user may make this save at the end of each of their turns.  A successful save ends the condition and applies 2 levels of exhaustion.

If someone were to inject more than one of the syringes, there is a 25% chance that they will enter the berserker rage regardless of their mental attributes.  For each syringe injected, the user will gain another level of exhaustion once the effect ends.


Babel Worm

A parasite that attaches to the players tongue and slowly eat away and replace it. In return, it gave the ability to speak any language.  However, the player doesn’t understand the responses if he does not also speak that language naturally.

Badass Eyepatch

Badass Eyepatch:  This unassuming black leather eyepatch is hiding a powerful magical enchantment which instantly makes the wearer appear to be a true badass.  Others quail in response to the wearer’s merest glower and ladies (and gents) tend to swoon in the presence of the wearer.


Mechanically, so long as the eyepatch is worn, it grants proficiency and advantage in the Intimidate skill.  If the wearer is trying to use diplomacy, the eyepatch grants advantage on Diplomacy checks so long as the target of the Diplomacy check is attracted to the wearer’s gender.  The Badass Eyepatch also does not impede vision at all.  If the wearer is male, they instantly grow a five o’clock shadow.


Value:  1,000 gp (Rare, requires attunement)


Blade of Grass

+2 scimitar.  This scimitar is a uniquely magical blade which is made out of a single blade of razorleaf grass.  It is extremely sharp and extremely strong.  In addition, when not in use, it curls around the wielder’s wrist like a bracelet.  When the wielder wants to use it, the blade instantly straightens out to become rigid.


While the Blade of Grass is an excellent weapon, it does have an inherent weakness: fire.  If the blade is ever thrust into a fire, it will burn just like any normal blade of grass.  For each round the grass is on fire, it takes a cumulative -1 to its damage.  Once it reaches -5, the Blade of Grass is destroyed.  So the wielder must take care not to allow it to come into contact with fire.


A Blade of Grass can be regrown from its ashes if the wielder waters the ashes with purified water, as the water purified by a purify food and drink spell.  It takes a month of watering to get the blade back, but many consider this an even exchange.

Blood Forged Hammer of War

Blood-Forged Hammer of War.  +3 Maul; when used as a primary weapon, the Blood-Forged Hammer of War gives the user the ability to use the Charging feat at will.  If the user activates the Barbarian’s rage ability while wielding the Hammer, then they gain +2 AC while raging.


Bone Armor

Scale Mail +1. This unhealthy-looking armor is made of interlocking metal scales and human bone.  It allows the wearer to cast the Bane spell 1/day.


Bone Shard Sword

Two-Handed Sword +1. This disturbing sword writhes in the hands of those of good alignment.  Its handle is made from the femur of a human and its crossguard seems to be made of human pelvic bones.  The long blade is pitted and scored and writhes with worms and maggots.  The sword smells of grave dirt and casts a cold green light in a 5 ft. radius.  On a critical hit, the sword deals an additional 2d10 poison damage and the target must make a DC 15 Constitution save or it becomes poisoned for 1 hour.


Boots of Levitation

The Boots of Levitation are made of sky blue leather and come up to mid-calf.  They have been embossed with a wing pattern at the top of the boot and are of a generally sleek design.  One interesting thing is that they do seem to have a rather high heel for a boot, being an inch and a half.


Mechanically, these are Boots of Levitation from the DMG on page 155.


Burning Wheel of Fire

The Burning Wheel is a mithril chakram with a +1 magical enhancement bonus.  When thrown and the command phrase yelled (by the player), the Burning Wheel ignites and streaks toward its target like a falling star.  It has a 30 ft. range and travels in a straight line, burning through all enemies in the line.  It does the same thing when it returns.  The Burning Wheel does not burn non-enemy targets (like walls, wood, or other environmental things.  It only burns monsters.)  Its damage is 1d8+1 slashing, considered fire damage, and the weapon is considered to be light.  The command phrase is, “Ashes to ashes!”



+2 Greatsword on a crit, the sword deals an extra 5d6 slashing damage.


Chitin Mask

When worn, the Chitin Mask causes the wearer’s skin to become as hard as magical plate mail (20 AC, magical) with none of the penalties of plate mail, the wearer’s strength becomes 25, and the mask gives the wearer the ability to climb on surfaces as per the spider climb spell.  These abilities last for 5 rounds.  Once the 5 rounds have ended, the Chitin Mask becomes inert and the wearer loses all special abilities granted by the Chitin Mask and the mask becomes dry and dull.  To recharge the mask, the wearer must subsist on a diet of insects for 5 days while wearing the mask.  Once it’s recharged, the mask once more becomes supple and lifelike.


Cloak of Incarnations

Cloak of Incarnations.  While wearing this cloak, the wearer gains +1 to their AC and can use the wild shape ability one more time per day.  At the wearer’s option, they may choose to forgo the bonus wild shape and the AC bonus and instead use the wild shape ability to transform into a beast whose CR level is equal to their own level (as per the normal wild shape ability).  Once this ability has been used, the cloak does not grant the user any further powers until she has completed a long rest.


Cloak of Invisibility

While wearing this cloak, you can pull its hood over your head to cause yourself to become invisible. While you are invisible, anything you are carrying or wearing is invisible with you. You become visible when you cease wearing the hood. Pulling the hood up or down requires an action. Deduct the time you are invisible, in increments of 1 minute, from the cloak’s maximum duration of 2 hours. After 2 hours of use, the cloak ceases to function. For every uninterrupted period of 12 hours the cloak goes unused, it regains 1 hour of duration.

Cryo Capsule

The cryo capsule is a bead of near-absolute-zero material suspended in a magnetic field within a metal container.  There is a timer device on the capsule which can be set for anywhere between 1 second and 1 hour.  When the timer expires, the magnetic field deactivates and the frozen material is freed, dealing 10d6 cold damage to any creature within a 15 ft. sphere.


Daern’s Instant Fortress

Daern’s Instant Fortress is a small black metallic cube with no markings or scratches on it whatsoever.  It is surprisingly heavy to carry.  If the cube is exposed to a significant heat source, then a word slowly becomes visible on it.  The word is “Abode”.  Within the fortress, there is tasteful wood furniture and a fully stocked larder that holds enough hearty food to feed a group of ten for a week.  There are two books on an end table near a red leather easy chair.  These two books are the journals of an adventurer named Flynn and detail his adventures up until he encountered the remorhaz.  The entries date back twenty three years ago.


Mechanically, this is a Daern’s Instant Fortress from pg 160 of the DMG.


Darkling Dagger

+1 daggers, which, on a critical hit give the target blindness if they fail a DC 15 Will save


Deadly Sling

+1 sling which creates its own ammunition; the wielder can decide to sacrifice 5 or 10 HP to add 5 or 10 damage


Desolation Proton Phasing Cannon

+2 2-handed ranged weapon, range 1 km/4 km. 5d6 radiant damage and 5d6 force damage in a 30 ft. diameter sphere (reflex save DC 15 for half).  The DPPC must charge for 1d6 rounds after each time it is fired.  Roll 1d20 each time the DPPC is fired.  If the d20 comes up 1-4, the cannon overheats and must cool for 1d20 minutes before it can be used again.  It takes 1d4 rounds to deploy the cannon for use.


Dragonslayer Short Sword

The Dragonslayer Short Sword is a wickedly serrated short sword that has been stylized into the shape of a dragon’s skull.  Etched into the hilt of sword is a list of dragon’s names that have been slain by the sword.  The pommel of the sword holds an opal that is cracked, as of that of a broken dragon egg.  When the sword kills a dragon (the killing blow is made by the sword), the dragon’s name magically appears alongside the other dragon’s names on the crossguard.


Mechanically this is a Dragon Slayer sword from the DMG on page 166.


Drow Eyedrops

Eye drops that allow the user to see through magical darkness and grants the user darkvision to 120 ft.  The drops last for an hour.  There is enough in the bottle to allow for 5 doses.


Enitha’s Ravenous Spinner

A brass spider-automaton with the head of a ram which can be fed plant matter once a week, after which it will produce enough silk to be turned into several balls of twine, a rope, or a tunic or pair of hose. If fed the equivalent of 20 coins of iron or precious metal, it will spin extremely durable metal thread instead; metallic tunic and hose are the equivalent of +1 but non-magical leather armor (AC 15). If fed metal more than once a week, each feeding has a 1 in 6 chance of enraging the Ravenous Spinner, causing it to attack as a 4 HD creature with armor equivalent to chain (AC 16.) If it kills its owner, it goes feral and carnivorous, turning

corpses of its victims into meat-thread. A slain Spinner will no longer function.


Fleischer’s Staff

A carved ebony staff which has the following abilities (this is not a +1 weapon, it just has the abilities listed):

Gives the user +10 ft. speed.

Increases the range of all spells that have a range value and use the staff as a focus by 50 ft.

Has 10 charges/day(roll a d20 each day and the staff will recharge 1d10 charges [to a max of 10 charges], on a 1, the staff cracks and becomes a regular quarterstaff)

1 charge to cast Expeditious Retreat

1 charge to cast Mage Armor

1 charge to cast Shield


Forest Lord’s Horn

The Forest Lord’s horn is long and razor sharp.  It acts as a +2 spear and grants the wielder the ability to cast Conjure Woodland Beings 1/day, Plant Growth 2/day, Barkskin 3/day, and Speak With Animals 4/day.


Frag Grenade

Range 30/60, considered magical for the purposes of overcoming damage resistance, 3d6 piercing damage and 2d6 fire damage.


Fury of the Red

This pendant is a crystallized drop of red dragon’s blood hung upon an adamantium chain.   Once attuned, this pendant will give the wearer the ability to breathe fire, as per the Dragonborn ability (Breath Weapon phb 29).  If the wearer is a dragonborn, the pendant changes their breath weapon to the fire type, doubles the effective range of the breath weapon and adds +1d6 damage to the normal damage of the breath weapon.


Grasshopper Boots

Grasshopper Boots:  These bright green calf boots have thousands of mithril grasshopper legs on the soles of the boots.  They grant the user the ability to jump great distances and cling to walls like an insect.  They don’t function on ice or other slick surfaces.


Mechanically, this changes the user’s movement speed to 45 ft. and the user can jump up to their movement speed from a standing start (including straight up).  Additionally, they gain advantage on Athletics and Acrobatics checks and do not suffer falling damage if falling distances under 100 feet.


Value: 2,500 gp (Uncommon, requires attunement)



Heartchar is a very well-made broadsword with a black steel hilt.  The pommel has a large ruby that has been carved into the shape of a (biological) heart.  An imperfection in the stone has made the ruby appear to be charred and blackened in places.  When a creature is killed with the sword, that creature’s heart flashes into ash and the wielder gets a thrill of excited bloodlust.  The command word for it is etched into the blade of the sword, “Lok’tar”–Orcish for Victory.


Mechanically, Heartchar is a +2 Flame Tongue longsword (pg 170 of the DMG)

Ioun Stones of Sustenance

You don’t need to eat or drink while this clear spindle orbits your head.


Laser Pistol

Laser Pistol +3 ranged weapon, 60/180, 4d6 radiant damage.  25% chance that the laser pistol will explode dealing 8d6 damage to all within a 30 ft. diameter sphere, reflex save DC 15 for half damage.


Laser Rifle

(+2 light crossbow) range 200/600, one target, 3d6 radiant damage.  Does not require ammunition.


Living Maul

+2 maul.  The Living Maul is a hammer made entirely of dense ironwood and a living cutting from the mother tree of the Grand North Woods.  Even with its powerful magical enchantment, however, the Living Maul possesses more unique abilities.  While the owner possesses the Maul, it grants a portion of the Mother Tree’s life essence to the owner.  The owner becomes half plant and is immune to poison, sleep, and fear effects.  However, the owner also becomes vulnerable to fire damage.

Nice Jacket

The Nice Jacket is a very dashing long coat made of black leather with silver buttons.  It looks dashing.  When worn, it grants the user an 18 Charisma.  If worn in conjunction with the Nice Hat, the Nice Jacket also functions as +2 leather armor and its pockets become mini Bags of Holding, capable of holding up to fifteen pounds (2 cubic feet) of items.


Pnemonic Charm

This mithril charm bracelet has 5 spaces for charms on it.  The Pnemonic Charm is used by casting a spell of any level upon it.  Depending on the level of the spell, a different charm with a specific power appears on the bracelet.  If the user wishes to use the power of the charm, he plucks it from the bracelet and uses it as a spell component in a spell he wishes to cast.  Only one charm may be created for the bracelet per day.


Level 0-2: Golden Star: The spell’s area of effect is increased by 10 feet or its damage may be increased as if the caster had cast it at one level higher than it was cast.

Level 3-4: Silver Meditating Man: The spell may be cast without the verbal component.

Level 5-6: Onyx Spider: The spell is cast as a reaction.

Level 7-8: Brass Treasure Chest: The spell may be cast without the material component.

Level 9: Platinum Tome: Any spell between level 0-6 may be cast, no matter the source.  This charm may not be used in conjunction with any other charms.


Portable Shield Generator

This device creates a protective dome over a 15 area which has 50 hit points.  The shield intercepts all attacks against those within its protective barrier and requires a DC 20 Strength check to pass through.  Once the shield has taken 50 damage, it fails and the shield generator breaks.  The shield can be turned off before it takes the damage, though it cannot be turned back on.  This is a single-use device.


Powered Armor

+2 plate mail.  The armor, when worn, also grants the wearer 25 strength.


Really Nice Hat

Gives the wearer advantage on diplomacy rolls


Rod of Resurrection

To be returned upon completing the mission to the Verdant Kingdom.  The rod has 5 charges. While you hold it, you ·can use an action to cast one of the following spells from it: heal (expends 1 charge) or resurrection (expends 5 charges). The rod regains 1 expended charge daily at dawn. If the rod is reduced to 0 charges, roll a d20. On a 1, the rod disappears in a burst of radiance.


Rod of Security

While holding this rod, you can use an action to activate it. The rod then instantly transports you and up to 199 other willing creatures you can see to a paradise that exists in an extraplanar space. You choose the form that the paradise takes. It could be a tranquil garden, lovely glade, cheery tavern, immense palace, tropical island, fantastic carnival, or whatever else you can imagine. Regardless of its nature, the paradise contains enough water and food to sustain its visitors. Everything else that can be interacted with inside the extraplanar space can exist only there. For example, a flower picked from a garden in the paradise disappears if it is taken outside the extraplanar space.


For each hour spent in the paradise, a visitor regains hit points as if it had spent 1 Hit Die. Also, creatures don’t age while in the paradise, although time passes normally. Visitors can remain in the paradise for up to 200 days divided by the number of creatures present (round down).


When the time runs out or you use an action to end it, all visitors reappear in the location they occupied when you activated the rod, or an unoccupied space nearest that location. The rod can’t be used again until ten days have passed.



A rocket-propelled grenade launcher with 4 rockets.  RPG (+3 ballista), range 250/500, 30 ft. radius, reloading.  5d10 piercing damage, 5d10 fire damage to all within the radius that fails at a DC 15 Dexterity save.  Success means half damage.

Spellguard Shield

+2 Spellguard Shield (while holding this shield, you have advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects, and spell attacks have disadvantage against you.


Staff of Healing

This staff has 10 charges. While holding it, you can use an action to expend 1 or more of    its charges to cast one of the following spells from it, using your spell save DC and spellcasting ability modifier: cure wounds (1 charge per spell level, up to 4th), lesser restoration (2 charges). or mass cure wounds (5 charges). The staff regains 1d6 + 4 expended charges daily at dawn. If you expend the last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the staff vanishes in a flash of light, lost forever.

Staff of the Woodlands

Staff of the Woodlands (requires attunement by a druid)

This staff can be wielded as a magic quarterstaff that grants a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it. While holding it, you have a +2 bonus to spell attack rolls.


The staff has 10 charges for the following properties. It regains 1d6 + 4 expended charges daily at dawn. If you expend the last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the staff loses its properties and becomes a nonmagical quarterstaff.

Spells. You can use an action to expend 1 or more of the staff’s charges to cast one ofthe following spells from it, using your spell save DC: animal friendship (1 charge), awaken (5 charges), barkskin (2 charges), locate animals or plants (2 charges), speak with animals (1 charge), speak with plants (3 charges), or wall of thorns (6 charges).


You can also use an action to cast the pass without trace spell from the staff without using any charges. Tree Form. You can use an action to plant one end of the staff in fertile earth and expend 1 charge to transform the staff into a healthy tree. The tree is 60 feet tall and has a 5-foot-diameter trunk, and its branches at the top spread out in a 20-foot radius. The tree appears ordinary but radiates a faint aura of transmutation magic if targeted by detect magic. While touching the tree and using another action to speak its command,

word, you return the staff to its normal form. Any creature in the tree falls when it reverts to a staff.


Stumbling Shortsword

+1 shortsword which, on a crit will make the target attack at disadvantage until the wielder’s next turn



This magical treasure can be found in the same drawer as the spell scroll and the philter of love.  It is a hilt of black metal with an efreet theme of flames.  When activated, the sun blade’s hue is a bright orangey red, as if it were made of roiling flames.



This bowstring is made of solid light.  It has the tensile strength of a steel cable an inch in diameter, and gives the arrows it shoots the radiant damage property.  In addition, you can extend the string to a length of 50 feet by pulling on it and it will remain that length until you want it to return to its original length.  It sheds dim light in a 30 ft. radius, so it’s not ideal for sneaking around with.

Tooth of Ragnarok

Greatsword +3.  The wielder of the Tooth may designate a target which then suffers under the Wrath of the Wyrm.  The wielder then makes attacks against the target with advantage.  If the wielder deals the deathblow to the target of their Wrath, they regain hp equal to the value of the damage dealt by the attack which resulted in the target’s death.


Weaponmaster’s Gloves

These supple leather gloves appear to be simple but high quality leather gloves worn to protect fencers’ hands.  In reality, they hide a subtle yet extremely useful glamour.  The wearer is able to instantly send a single weapon into an extra-dimensional pocket, effectively safely storing it.  The weapon can be recalled as a reaction.  Only one weapon may be stored in such a way.  Furthermore, the wearer cannot be disarmed of the weapon which he has stored so long as the gloves are worn.


White Dragon Scale Mail

White Dragon Scale Mail:  This scale armor includes a helm, greaves, and vambraces all made of white dragon scales.  The helm is styled in the shape of a roaring dragon and there are spikes on the pauldrons made of dragon horn.  The armor always feels chill to the touch, bordering on cold.


Mechanically, the armor functions as +1 scale mail that grants the wearer resistance to cold damage and advantage to saving throws against the Frightful Presence and breath weapons of dragons.  Additionally, you can focus your senses as an action to magically discern the distance and direction to the closest dragon within 30 miles of you that is of the same type as the armor.  This special action can’t be used again until the next dawn.


Value: 6,000 gp (Very Rare)



Cyphers are limited-use magical items that do a very specific thing before either needing to be recharged or are destroyed.


Amulet of the Bear

A copper amulet with a picture of a bear. When worn and activated (can be used as a reaction), the cypher grants you advantage on your next strength save.  When used, the bear roars loudly and then oxidizes and crumbles away.


Arrows of Teleportation

When the arrows impact, the shooter and anyone touching him are transported to the location of the arrow.


Card of the Star

An ivory card, marked with a star. When used, you gain a +2 bonus to any chosen ability score (max 20).  The card flashes and disappears and the star symbol appears on the user’s forehead.


Clairvoyant’s Stone

Clairvoyant’s Stone: A polished shard of translucent black crystal. When held and activated, the cypher allows you to project your sight until the end of the session. You can project your point of view up to five feet in any direction, and through small openings such as a keyhole.


Dark Torch

These are special torches treated with alchemical reagents and enchanted with minor enchantments.  When the torch is lit, it briefly flashes, then appears to go out.  However, if the user holds it up, it grants them darkvision out to 40 ft.  No one else but the user can see this way.  The torch is used up after 4 hours.


Deadeye Shard

A jagged platinum shard etched by acid. When held and activated as a bonus action, the cypher grants you a +1 bonus on ranged attack rolls for 2d6 rounds.  Once used, the shard turns into platinum powder worth 50 gp.



A griffon’s claw etched with iridescent ichor. When held and activated as a bonus action, the cypher conjures a spray of flames (range 15 feet, 6d6 fire damage, Dex save DC 15 for half).  Can be used three times before the claw burns away.


Flatulence Cube

A broken obsidian cube engraved with strange glyphs. When thrown at a target, the cypher explodes into a cloud of noxious gas (4d6 poison damage and poisoned, Con save half and negates).


Gorag’s Instant Growth Formula

A jagged shard of sapphire containing a drop of iridescent ichor. When impaled into flesh, the cypher dissolves and increases your size (one size category, advantage on strength checks, +1d4 weapon damage) until you take a long rest.


Healing Shard

A jagged shard of gray crystal containing a mote of light. When impaled into flesh, the cypher dissolves and grants you 4d8 temporary hit points.


Hearn’s Healthy Hypodermic

A jagged shard of green glass smeared with golden ichor. When impaled into flesh, the cypher dissolves and grants you 4d8 temporary hit points.


Hell’s Bell

An adamantium bell with the word for “Stone” written in abyssal.  The clapper is encased in a velvet sleeve, which prevents the bell from sounding.  If the velvet sleeve is removed and the bell is rung, it will summon 1d4 earth elementals which will appear within 15 feet of the summoner under the summoner’s command.  The elementals will remain for 1d8 rounds before they crumble into unmoving rock.


Imperfect Disguise Amulet

A mangled orichalcum gauntlet on a leather cord. When worn and activated, the cypher allows you to alter your appearance for 2d6 rounds.


Lightning Darts

A small silver case with 5 darts in it.  When thrown, the dart is expended, but on a successful hit, the dart transforms into a sixth-level lightning arrow dealing 7d8 lightning damage on the target and 5d8 lightning damage to each creature within 10 feet of the target (Dex save DC 15 for half damage).


Lightning’s Bite

A dragon’s tooth smeared with black ichor. When held and activated, the cypher conjures a bolt of lightning (range 100 feet, 6d6 lightning damage, Dex save half).


Magical Equalizer

A glass spindle filled with silvery liquid. When broken over a weapon, the weapon is transmuted into a similar metal. It deals an additional 2d6 points of damage until the end of the session, after which the weapon disintegrates.


Magical Litmus Paper

This paper can be used as a standard action by rubbing it on an object. It either detects no magic and can be used again, or changed color and brightness to reflect the school(s) and strengths of magic on the object.


Mini Protector

A doll-sized shirt of mithril chain mail. When worn and activated as a bonus action, the cypher grants you resistance to necrotic and poison damage for 1 minute.  The cypher can be used once per day.

Personal Space Mark 1

A hydra’s tooth engraved with geometric patterns. When held and activated, the cypher pushes an adjacent creature 10 feet away from you on a failed DC 14 Strength saving throw.


Personal Space Mark 2

A jagged iron shard engraved with incoherent labyrinths. When held and activated as a bonus action, the cypher pushes an adjacent creature ten feet away from you (Str save DC 17).  Crumbles after three uses.


Personal Space Mark 3

A kraken’s tooth on a leather cord. When held and activated as a reaction, the cypher pushes all adjacent creatures thirty feet away from you (Str save DC 15).  This can be used three times per day.


Pervert’s Eye

A pristine topaz carved in the shape of an eye. When held and activated as an action, the cypher allows you to see through clothing and armor until you take a short rest.  The topaz eye can be used once per day.


Sehanine’s Arrow

A shimmering silver moonstone.  When thrown at a target, the cypher wounds it (attack roll, 4d6 force damage).  The moonstone appears to turn into a flashing silver arrow when thrown and disappears after use.



A bloodstone shard smeared with crimson blood. When thrown at a target, the cypher explodes into a cloud of concealing smoke.


Specimen Jar

Any organic tissue placed in the Specimen Jar is preserved perfectly until the jar is opened.  Once the jar is opened, the tissue ages as normal.


Spiderweb Stone

A malachite fragment smeared with crimson blood. When thrown at a target, the cypher explodes into a burst of spiderwebs (grappled, Str or Dex save negates).


Swallow’s Blessing

A silver amulet with of a swallow in flight. When worn and activated as a reaction, the cypher grants you advantage on dexterity saves until you take a long rest.  When used, the swallow flashes with blue light, tweets once, and then disappears.


Traveler’s Feast

A jagged shard of ruby on a leather cord. When held and activated, the cypher conjures a table of good food and wine for seven.