Seeds of Evil

Seed of Evil

The Seed of Evil is a deadly and potent magical item created by Maras the Broodmother.  


If placed in the ground, covered with grave dirt, and Unhallowed,  the Seed of Evil begins:


  1. Sending out powerful pulses of necromancy, drawing in the lifeforce of everything within several square miles.  


  1. It then perverts this life energy and uses it to reanimate any corpses of sentient beings in that area.  This happens over the course of 1d10 days.  


Once the Seed is placed in the ground, the only way to neutralize it is to dig it up, sprinkle it with holy water, remove it from the ground without touching it, and then cast Remove Curse on it after pouring enough holy water over it to completely remove any clinging dirt.  


If the Seed remains out of the ground without having the ritual performed on it, then it will eventually turn into a flameskull monster with the ability to create undead.  A lead box with Glyphs of Warding and a Magic Circle inscribed upon it will allow the seed to remain out of the earth without it turning into a flameskull, but this is a temporary measure as the evil contained within begins to corrupt the magic of the box.  After 1d10 days, the spells begin to warp and change.  After 1d4 x 5 days, the corruption is complete and the spells which contained it have become completely twisted until the Glyph of Warding has become Bestow Curse and the Magic Circle becomes a spell of Feign Death (which can target an unwilling creature– Will save DC 15 to resist– and lasts for 6 days).  These spells are cast on the person who opens the box next.



I am no scholar.  It was never my calling in life.  I was called by Mother Etra long years ago to be her humble servant and an arbiter of her will to those in pain.  Until these terrible creatures who call themselves the lich lords rose up to beset our fair empire with death and subjugation, I was content to be a travelling healer.  Now… my faith is tried every day.  But I cling to it that much more tenaciously.  I have done battle with undead horrors that will haunt me to my very grave, yet I believe that I have done what Mother Etra would have me do.


It is through this lens of faith that I have been able to find the Seeds of Evil that Maras the Broodmother has planted.  Through constant prayer and the miracles of my goddess, the Great Mother, Etra, the sites of these terrible evils have been revealed unto me.  If this threat ever rises again, I pray only that the heroes of that dark day will have the strength of faith that I was forced to maintain.  Truly, only those in the highest favor of their gods will be granted the miraculous vision that only true divination can provide.


I have finally found a way to subdue and neutralize the Seeds of Evil that Maras has planted through the ruins of this once-beautiful empire.  Let me record the method here so that there will always be a record, should such an occasion ever come about again.  The Seeds are far more dangerous than they would seem to be.  Maras buries them deep in the earth and curses the ground, which acts as a fertilizer for the Seed to send out its roots of death and destruction.  If left untended, as we have discovered to our sorrow and destruction, the Seed will leach away all life from an area some ten miles in diameter, then will begin sending out vile pulses of magic, reanimating any corpses in the area into undead monstrosities.


To even begin to purge the Seeds of their evil magics, it must first be uncovered and the light of the dawn sun must strike it.  A careless touch will curse the unfortunate soul with a withering disease that consumes the internal organs with dreadful rapidity.  So the Seed must be removed from its hole without touching it with bare skin.  I would not touch the thing with gloved hands or even gauntleted hands.  Once the sun has bathed the Seed in her light, pour holy water over the Seed until all traces of the dirt it is covered in is removed.  Even a single missed speck of dirt will render the effort futile.  Again, do not touch the Seed.  Finally, when the Seed is cleaned of earth and with the sunlight upon it, send a prayer to the gods to remove the curse of foul magic from it.  Should your faith prove sufficient and your god be pleased with you, then the Seed will crumble into fine powder, never again to trouble the world.


A word of warning.  Should the Seed be removed from the ground without having the ritual of cleansing done upon it within the hour of its excavation, it shall undergo a hideous transformation into a flaming skull capable of raising more undead monsters.  The Seed is a much more vicious and dangerous monster than the flame skulls I have dealt with before.  Truly, do not excavate the Seed if the ritual is not prepared.


It was not always possible for the ritual cleansing and blessing to be performed at the site of the Seed.  Sometimes, the undead press was simply too great.  Sometimes, the Seed was hidden in a dangerous place.  It was then necessary for me to seek the guidance of one of my greatest friends and one of the most accomplished wizards in the empire, Zu’ul Tanderian.  Zu’ul studied the problem and found a solution which allowed us to transport the Seeds of Evil to a more hospitable location.

To transport the Seeds, one must craft a lead box and inscribe powerful glyphs of warding and protection upon it.  These glyphs must be woven into a wizard’s Circle of Protection to prevent the evil spells the Seed is enchanted with from affecting the world through the box.  Even so, know that this protection cannot be permanent.  To leave the Seed in the box for longer than a few days–two weeks at the very most–is to invite disaster.  After that long, the Seed will begin to warp the spells placed on the lead box and what were once wards of protection and sealing become powerful curses and spells of destruction.