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To be Divided
Gold Coins x0
Silver Coins x0
Copper Coins x0

[Cypher] A jagged shard of ruby on a leather cord. When held and activated, the cypher conjures a table of good food and wine for seven.

May 1, 2015

[700gp] Platinum Coinsx70
[2200gp] Gold Coins x2,200
[600gp] Silver Coins x6,000
[9gp] Copper Coins x900
[250gp] Small Carpet
[250gp] Fine Cloth Gown threaded with Silver
[250gp] Silver Cloth Pennant

Spell Scroll (Ray of Frost)
Spell Scroll (Chromatic Orb)
Potion of Healing

Cyphers [Consumable Items]
1. An obsidian fragment engraved with endless spirals. When thrown at a target, the cypher causes a small earthquake (knocked prone, Dex save negates).
2. A mangled piece of iron chainmail engraved with geometric patterns. When worn and activated, the cypher grants you advantage on strength saves until the end of the session.
3. Clairvoyant’s Stone: A polished shard of translucent black crystal. When held and activated, the cypher allows you to project your sight until the end of the session. You can project your point of view up to five feet in any direction, and through small openings such as a keyhole.
4. A bloodstone shard smeared with crimson blood. When thrown at a target, the cypher explodes into a cloud of concealing smoke.
5. A malachite fragment smeared with crimson blood. When thrown at a target, the cypher explodes into a burst of spiderwebs (grappled, Str or Dex save negates).
6. A jagged shard of gray crystal containing a mote of light. When impaled into flesh, the cypher dissolves and grants you 4d8 temporary hit points.
7. A dragon’s tooth smeared with black ichor. When held and activated, the cypher conjures a bolt of lightning (range 100 feet, 6d6 lightning damage, Dex save half).
8. A hydra’s tooth engraved with geometric patterns. When held and activated, the cypher pushes an adjacent creature away from you.
9. Grey Cypher: A glass spindle filled with silvery liquid. When broken over a weapon, the weapon is transmuted into a similar metal. It deals an additional 2d6 points of damage until the end of the session, after which the weapon disintegrates.
10. A jagged shard of ruby on a leather cord. When held and activated, the cypher conjures a table of good food and wine for seven.
11. A jagged shard of green glass smeared with golden ichor. When impaled into flesh, the cypher dissolves and grants you 4d8 temporary hit points.
12.A jagged shard of sapphire containing a drop of iridescent ichor. When impaled into flesh, the cypher dissolves and increases your size (one size category, advantage on strength checks, +1d4 weapon damage) until you take a long rest.
13. A mangled orichalcum gauntlet on a leather cord. When worn and activated, the cypher allows you to alter your appearance for 2d6 rounds.
14. A broken obsidian cube engraved with strange glyphs. When thrown at a target, the cypher explodes into a cloud of noxious gas (4d6 poison damage and poisoned, Con save half and negates).

Magic Items
1. Chitin Mask: When worn, the Chitin Mask causes the wearer’s skin to become as hard as magical plate mail (20 AC, magical) with none of the penalties of plate mail, the wearer’s strength becomes 25, and the mask gives the wearer the ability to climb on surfaces as per the spider climb spell. These abilities last for 5 rounds. Once the 5 rounds have ended, the Chitin Mask becomes inert and the wearer loses all special abilities granted by the Chitin Mask and the mask becomes dry and dull. To recharge the mask, the wearer must subsist on a diet of insects for 5 days while wearing the mask. Once it’s recharged, the mask once more becomes supple and lifelike.

2. The Burning Wheel of Fire: The Burning Wheel is a mithril chakram with a +1 magical enhancement bonus. When thrown and the command phrase yelled (by the player), the Burning Wheel ignites and streaks toward its target like a falling star. It has a 30 ft. range and travels in a straight line, burning through all enemies in the line. It does the same thing when it returns. The Burning Wheel does not burn non-enemy targets (like walls, wood, or other environmental things. It only burns monsters.) Its damage is 1d8+1 slashing, considered fire damage, and the weapon is considered to be light. The command phrase is, “Ashes to ashes!”

3. Weaponsmaster’s Gloves: These supple leather gloves appear to be simple but high quality leather gloves worn to protect fencers’ hands. In reality, they hide a subtle yet extremely useful glamour. The wearer is able to instantly send a single weapon into an extra-dimensional pocket, effectively safely storing it. The weapon can be recalled as a reaction. Only one weapon may be stored in such a way. Furthermore, the wearer cannot be disarmed of the weapon which he has stored so long as the gloves are worn.

4. Pnemonic Charm: This mithril charm bracelet has 5 spaces for charms on it. The Pnemonic Charm is used by casting a spell of any level upon it. Depending on the level of the spell, a different charm with a specific power appears on the bracelet. If the user wishes to use the power of the charm, he plucks it from the bracelet and uses it as a spell component in a spell he wishes to cast. Only one charm may be created for the bracelet per day.

Level 0-2: Golden Star: The spell’s area of effect is increased by 10 feet or its damage may be increased as if the caster had cast it at one level higher than it was cast.
Level 3-4: Silver Meditating Man: The spell may be cast without the verbal component.
Level 5-6: Onyx Spider: The spell is cast as a reaction.
Level 7-8: Brass Treasure Chest: The spell may be cast without the material component.
Level 9: Platinum Tome: Any spell between level 0-6 may be cast, no matter the source. This charm may not be used in conjunction with any other charms.

When found, the Pnemonic Charm has 2 Golden Stars, 1 Onyx Spider, and 1 Silver Meditating Man.

5. Nice Jacket: The Nice Jacket is a very dashing long coat made of black leather with silver buttons. It looks dashing. When worn, it grants the user an 18 Charisma. If worn in conjunction with the Nice Hat, the Nice Jacket also functions as +2 leather armor and its pockets become mini Bags of Holding, capable of holding up to fifteen pounds (2 cubic feet) of items.

The Rings of the Masters


Divvied as follows:

[110gp] Platinum Coinsx11
[491gp] Gold Coinsx491
[10gp] Silver Coinsx100
[1.5gp] Copper Coinsx150
[Cypher] A mangled piece of iron chainmail engraved with geometric patterns. When worn and activated, the cypher grants you advantage on strength saves until the end of the session.
[Cypher] A jagged shard of sapphire containing a drop of iridescent ichor. When impaled into flesh, the cypher dissolves and increases your size (one size category, advantage on strength checks, +1d4 weapon damage) until you take a long rest.

[110gp] Platinum Coinsx11
[241gp] Gold Coinsx241
[10gp] Silver Coinsx100
[1.5gp] Copper Coinsx150
[250gp] Fine Cloth Gown threaded with Silver
[Gear] Nice Jacket
[Cypher] An obsidian fragment engraved with endless spirals. When thrown at a target, the cypher causes a small earthquake (knocked prone, Dex save negates).
[Cypher] A jagged shard of green glass smeared with golden ichor. When impaled into flesh, the cypher dissolves and grants you 4d8 temporary hit points.

Kalshaazakkeh Lonescale
[110gp] Platinum Coinsx11
[491gp] Gold Coinsx491
[10gp] Silver Coinsx100
[1.5gp] Copper Coinsx150
[Gear] Chitin Mask
[Gear] The Burning Wheel of Fire
[Cypher] A bloodstone shard smeared with crimson blood. When thrown at a target, the cypher explodes into a cloud of concealing smoke.
[Cypher] A mangled orichalcum gauntlet on a leather cord. When worn and activated, the cypher allows you to alter your appearance for 2d6 rounds.
[Cypher] A malachite fragment smeared with crimson blood. When thrown at a target, the cypher explodes into a burst of spiderwebs (grappled, Str or Dex save negates).
[Cypher] A dragon’s tooth smeared with black ichor. When held and activated, the cypher conjures a bolt of lightning (range 100 feet, 6d6 lightning damage, Dex save half).

[110gp] Platinum Coinsx11
[491gp] Gold Coinsx491
[10gp] Silver Coinsx100
[1.5gp] Copper Coinsx150
[Gear] Pnemonic Charm
[Gear] The Rings of the Masters
[Scroll] Ray of Frost
[Scroll]  Chromatic Orb
[Cypher] A jagged shard of gray crystal containing a mote of light. When impaled into flesh, the cypher dissolves and grants you 4d8 temporary hit points.
[Cypher] Clairvoyant’s Stone: A polished shard of translucent black crystal. When held and activated, the cypher allows you to project your sight until the end of the session. You can project your point of view up to five feet in any direction, and through small openings such as a keyhole.
[Cypher] A hydra’s tooth engraved with geometric patterns. When held and activated, the cypher pushes an adjacent creature away from you.

[130gp] Platinum Coinsx13
[243gp] Gold Coinsx243
[10gp] Silver Coinsx100
[1.5gp] Copper Coinsx150
[250gp] Small Carpet
[Gear] Weaponsmaster’s Gloves

[130gp] Platinum Coinsx13
[243gp] Gold Coinsx243
[10gp] Silver Coinsx100
[1.5gp] Copper Coinsx150
[250gp] Silver Cloth Pennant
[Cypher] Grey Cypher: A glass spindle filled with silvery liquid. When broken over a weapon, the weapon is transmuted into a similar metal. It deals an additional 2d6 points of damage until the end of the session, after which the weapon disintegrates.
[Cypher] A broken obsidian cube engraved with strange glyphs. When thrown at a target, the cypher explodes into a cloud of noxious gas (4d6 poison damage and poisoned, Con save half and negates).

April 10, 2015

[14,000gp] Gold Coins x14,000
[22,000gp] Platinum Coins x2,200
[ 750gp] Small Tapestry threaded with Silver
[ 750gp] Crystal Stele
[ 750gp] Crystal Ball
[ 750gp] Electrum Scroll Case inlaid with Gold
[ 750gp] Sable Mask inlaid with Silver
[ 5000gp] Glowing Studded Leather of Resistance (Lightning)

Total Gold Value: 44,750

Item Details:

Glowing Studded Leather of Resistance (Lightning)
DMG Page 152
Armour (light, medium, or heavy), rare (requires attunement)
You have resistance to one type of damage while you wear this armour. The DM chooses the type or determines it randomly.
*Glows in addition

Divvied as follows:

[5000] Glowing Studded Leather of Resistance (Lightning)
[5437.5] Coins
[750] Small Tapestry threaded with Silver

Kalshaazakkeh Lonescale
[10437.5] Coins
[750] Crystal Stele

[9687.5] Coins
[1500] Sellables (Electrum Scroll Case inlaid with gold), (Sable Mask inlaid with Silver designed for a non human face) (Rolled 1d4 to see who got the extra item and it came up as Obi)

[10437.5] Coins
[750] Crystal Ball Rose Quartz

March 13, 2015

Notes: Anabelle, stealing a wish went on to overthrow her former patron taking his place (or something). The rest of the party collected treasure. Kalshazzakkeh wished them back to their home, leaving behind the poor scouts they had set out to rescue in the first place. Returning to Mir they answered a summons by the Emperor Gladness and accept a call to go help find the 4 Pillars of Creation. They were sent to Hope’s Cove to join the search already in progress by obvious amateurs.

Current, gems, art, etc
Item Quantity Value

Claimed By Item
Ramas Blood Forged Hammer of War
Ramas Belt of Fire Giant Strength
Anabelle Rod of the Pact Keeper
Ineis Cloak of Incarnations
Ineis Staff of the Woodlands
Kalshaazakkeh Tooth of Ragnarok
Kalshaazakkeh The Fury of the Red
Obinorcle Wand of the War Mage
Obinorcle Amulet of the Guardian

Blood Forged Hammer of War +3 Maul; when used as a primary weapon, the Blood-Forged Hammer of War gives the
user the ability to use the Charging feat at will. If the user activates the Barbarian’s rage
ability while wielding the Hammer, then they gain +2 AC while raging.
Belt of Fire Giant Strength STR stat increases to 25
Rod of the Pact Keeper (+3) While holding this rod, you gain a bonus to spell attack rolls and to the saving throw
DCs of your warlock spells. The bonus is determined by the rod’s rarity. In addition, you
can regain one warlock spell slot as an action while holding the rod. You can’t use this
property again until you finish a long rest.
Cloak of Incarnations While wearing this cloak, the wearer gains +1 to their AC and can use the wild shape
ability one more time per day. At the wearer’s option, they may choose to forgo the bonus
wild shape and the AC bonus and instead use the wild shape ability to transform into a
beast whose CR level is equal to their own level (as per the normal wild shape ability).
Once this ability has been used, the cloak does not grant the user any further powers
until she has completed a long rest.
Staff of the Woodlands (requires attunement by a druid) This staff can be wielded as a magic quarterstaff that
grants a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it. While holding it, you have a
+2 bonus to spell attack rolls.
The staff has 10 charges for the following properties. It regains 1d6 + 4 expended
charges daily at dawn. If you expend the last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the staff loses its
properties and becomes a nonmagical quarterstaff.
Spells. You can use an action to expend 1 or more of the staff’s charges to cast one
of the following spells from it, using your spell save DC: animal friendship (1 charge).
awaken (5 charges). barkskin (2 charges), locate animals or plants (2 charges),
speak with animals (1 charge), speak with plants (3 charges), or wall of thorns (6
You can also use an action to cast the pass without trace spell from the staff without
using any charges.
Tree Form. You can use an action to plant one end of the staff in
fertile earth and expend 1 charge to transform the staff into a healthy tree. The tree is 60
feet tall and has a 5-foot-diameter trunk, and its branches at the top spread out in a
20-foot radius. The tree appears ordinary but radiates a faint aura of transmutation magic
if targeted by detect magic. While touching the tree and using another action to speak its
command, word, you return the staff to its normal form. Any creature in the tree falls
when it reverts to a staff.
Tooth of Ragnarok Greatsword +3. The wielder of the Tooth may designate a target which then suffers
under the Wrath of the Wyrm. The wielder then makes attacks against the target with
advantage. If the wielder deals the deathblow to the target of their Wrath, they regain hp
equal to the value of the damage dealt by the attack which resulted in the target’s death.
The Fury of the Red This pendant is a crystallized drop of red dragon’s blood hung upon an adamantium
chain. Once attuned, this pendant will give the wearer the ability to breathe fire, as per
the Dragonborn ability (Breath Weapon phb 29). If the wearer is a dragonborn, the
pendant changes their breath weapon to the fire type, doubles the effective range of the
breath weapon and adds +1d6 damage to the normal damage of the breath weapon.
Wand of the War Mage +3. While holding this wand, you gain a bonus to spell attack rolls determined by the
wand’s rarity. In addition, you ignore half cover when making a spell attack.
Amulet of the Guardian This amulet functions as the amulet required to control a Shield Guardian. In addition,
there is a tiny metal figure that resembles a shield guardian which can only be removed
once the amulet is attuned to the wearer. Once the amulet is attuned, the figure can be
removed; as the figure is removed, it transforms into a full-sized Shield Guardian and
functions as the wearer’s Shield Guardian. If the wielder wishes it, the Shield Guardian
can be transformed back into a figure and reattached to the amulet. However, if the
wearer transforms the guardian back into a figure, they must wait until completing a long
rest before returning the shield guardian back to its full size.

March 6, 2015

Notes: The party battled in an arena to win three wishes. What will they wish for? :O

February 27, 2015

Notes: Ramas and Kalshaazakkeh Lonescale ended up in a gladiatorial locker room, Anabelle and Ineis in a harem. Hijinks ensued.

January 16, 2015

600 cp
12000 sp
2600 gp
100 pp: The coins are all octagonal in shape and bear a very strange looking face on the heads.

2 x Amber (100 gp)
2 x Chrysoberyl (100 gp)
Coral (100 gp)
Garnet (100 gp)
Jade (100 gp)
2 x Jet (100 gp)
2 x Spinel (100 gp)
Tourmaline (100 gp): These gems are tiny statuettes of exceedingly beautiful ifreeti women in erotic poses. This is part of a set of 30 called The Fires of Lust set. If the rest of the set were found, each piece would be worth twice its value.

+1 Ammunition (20 crossbow bolts): These crossbow bolts are made of a shimmering black metal with wicked looking barbed heads.
They smell faintly of ozone and give a little static shock if you touch one.

Spell Scroll (Bestow Curse), Philter of Love: These two items are found in a small drawer in the captain’s quarters along with a note attached to each. On the scroll, the note reads “For Jenna” and on the potion bottle, the note reads “For Delia”.

Potion of Water Breathing: This potion can be found on the captain, tied around his neck on a leather thong.

Sunblade: This magical treasure can be found in the same drawer as the spell scroll and the philter of love. It is a hilt of black metal with an efreet theme of flames. When activated, the sun blade’s hue is a bright orangey red, as if it were made of roiling flames.

Captain’s Logbook: This logbook indicates that the ship (called the Sunskimmer) was on its way to the City of Brass on the elemental plane of fire to sell off its slave cargo.

January 9, 2015

Game Notes:
Party split up, Ineis, Ramas, and Kal ended up in the astral plane while on a rescue mission to recover some scouts. Obi went ahead to try and reach Mir before the army to make preperations and ran into some not-dragon cultists on the way.

Kal took Living Maul
Gave npcs: +1 Shield, +2 Scale Armour, +2 Longsword x2, 3x Cold Iron Pike, Darkling Dagger, Hunting Knives x2,Mithril Chainmail x3, Stumbling Shortsword, Weighted Net

Dec 12, 2014
Game Notes:
Assassinated 2 of the World Eaters binders causing their attempt to control it to fail and setting it free, battled the summoners leader, fled the World Eater but Ineis and Kal were eaten, both managing to escape. Abandoned Baston keep, teleported wand to Capital along with a few key personal, evacuated 3300 people from the keep with the party.

Ineis took second blade of grass, The Natural World, Sunstring, Hunting Knife
Ramas took 2 diamond (600gp each), 5 emeralds (100gp each), bag of crystals (45gp).

December 5, 2014

Game Notes: Broke seige on Baston Keep in mass combat, World Eater summoned

November 28, 2014

Game Notes: Thanksgiving game, level 15 alternate characters

November 21, 2014

Actions: Divided up current gold by 5 and gave out to Annabelle, Banori, Ineis, Maethic, Ramas (Share to Annabelle, Banori, and Maethicis assumed to be lost)

Specifics on items can be found after the loot details
Current, gems, art, etc

Item Quantity Value

Claimed by Value Item
Obi Ring of Evasion
Obi Bowl of Keoghtom’s Ointment
Obi Treated wand-length piece of rare wood
Obi Treated wand-length piece of rare wood
Obi Treated wand-length piece of rare wood
Obi Potion of Vitality
Obi Potion of Vitality
Obi Potion of Vitality
Obi Potion of Vitality
Obi Potion of Vitality

Ring of Evasion
Bowl of Keoghtom’s ointment
Treated wand-length piece of rare wood
Halves the cost to create a wand
Potion of Vitality

November 14, 2014

Specifics on items can be found after the loot details
Current, gems, art, etc

Item Quantity Value

Claimed by Value Item


November 7, 2014

Specifics on items can be found after the loot details
Current, gems, art, etc

Item Quantity Value

Claimed by Value Item


October 25, 2014

Specifics on items can be found after the loot details

Current, gems, art, etc

Item Quantity Value

Claimed by Value Item
Banori ? Armour of Shadows (Studded Leather +1, +5 Stealth)
Ramas ? Ring of Shielding

Armour of Shadows Studded Leather +1, gives +5 to Stealth
Ring of Shielding Some number of charges a day

October 17, 2014

Specifics on items can be found after the loot details

Currency, gems, art, etc

Item Quantity Value
Diamond 1 600gp Diamond 2 1200gp


Claimed by Value Item
USED ? Scroll of Water Breathing
Maethic ? Scroll of Water Breathing Ineis ? Warcaster’s Ring
Maethic ? Spellbook
Lv1: Fog Cloud, Mage Armor, Jump, Magic missile, Silent Image
Lv2: Blur, See Invis, Enlarge/Reduce, Darkvision, Darkness
Lv3: Counterspell, Haste, Major Image, Lightning Bolt
— ? +1 Shield
— ? +2 Scale Armour
— ? +2 Longsword
— ? +2 Longsword

Scroll of Water Breathing Duh
Warcaster’s Ring Gives the War Caster feat while worn.
Spell Book Contains:
Lv1: Fog Cloud, Mage Armor, Jump, Magic missile, Silent Image
Lv2: Blur, See Invis, Enlarge/Reduce, Darkvision, Darkness
Lv3: Counterspell, Haste, Major Image, Lightning Bolt
+1 Shield Shield with a +1 bonus
+2 Scale Armour AC: 16
+2 Longsword Longsword with a +2 bonus

October 10, 2014

Specifics on items can be found after the loot details

Currency, gems, art, etc

Item Quantity Value
Emerald 5 100.0gp
Bag of crystals 1 45.0gp
Total 676.3gp


Claimed by Value Item
— ? Bag of strange red spiked seeds
Ineis ? Blade of Grass
Ineis ? Blade of Grass
— ? Cold Iron Pike
— ? Cold Iron Pike
— ? Cold Iron Pike
Banori ? Darkling Dagger
— ? Darkling Dagger
Banori ? Deadly Sling
Maethic? ? Gauntlets of Ogre Power
Annabelle ? Healing Potion
Banoi ? Healing Potion
Ineis ? Healing Potion
Maethic ? Healing Potion
Ramas ? Healing Potion
Mistpaw ? Healing Potion *Makeshift straps holding them on him
Mistpaw ? Healing Potion *Makeshift straps holding them on him
Ineis ? Hunting Knives
— ? Hunting Knives
— ? Hunting Knives
— ? Hunting Knives
— ? Living Maul
— ? Mithril Chainmail
— ? Mithril Chainmail
— ? Mithril Chainmail
Ineis ? Really Nice Hat
— ? Rusted Chainmail
— ? Several Broken Swords
— ? Several sets of Rotten Leather Armour
— ? Stumbling Shortsword
Ineis ? Sunstring
Ineis ? The Natural World
Banori ? Weighted Net
Banori ? Weighted Net
Ramas ? Weighted Net
— ? Weighted Net

Blade of Grass +2 scimitarThis scimitar is a uniquely magical blade which is made out of a single
bladeof razorleaf grass. It is extremely sharp and extremely strong. In addition, when
not inuse, it curls around the wielder’s wrist like a bracelet. When the wielder wants to use it,the blade instantly straightens out to become rigid. While the Blade of Grass is anexcellent weapon, it does have an inherent weakness: fire. If the blade is ever thrust intoa fire, it will burn just like any normal blade of grass. For each round the grass is on fire,it takes a cumulative -1 to its damage. Once it reaches -5, the Blade of Grass is destroyed. So the wielder must take care not to allow it to come into contact with fire. A Blade of Grass can be regrown from its ashes if the wielder waters the ashes with purified water, as the water purified by a purify food and drink spell. It takes a month of watering to get the blade back, but many consider this an even exchange.
Cold Iron Pike Martial melee, 1d10 piercing, heavy, reach, two handed
Darkling Dagger +1 daggers, which, on a critical hit give the target blindness if they fail a DC 15 Will
Deadly Sling The sling is a +1 sling which creates its own ammunition; the wielder can decide to
sacrifice 5 or 10 HP to add 5 or 10 damage.
Gauntlets of Ogre Power Make the wearer’s strength score effectively 19
Healing Potion action to consume; 2d4+2 hp
Living Maul +2 maul. The Living Maul is a hammer made entirely of dense ironwood and a living
cutting from the mother tree of the Grand North Woods. Even with its powerful magical enchantment, however, the Living Maul possesses more unique abilities. While the owner possesses the Maul, it grants a portion of the Mother Tree’s life essence to the owner.The owner becomes half plant and is immune to poison, sleep, and fear effects. However, the owner also becomes vulnerable to fire damage.
Mithril Chainmail 13 AC with up to a +5 Dex bonus and considered Light Armor
Really Nice Hat Gives the wearer advantage on diplomacy rolls
Stumbling Shortsword +1 shortsword which, on a crit will make the target attack at disadvantage until the
wielder’s next turn
Sunstring This bowstring is made of solid light. It has the tensile strength of a steel cable an inch
in diameter, and gives the arrows it shoots the radiant damage property. In addition, you can extend the string to a length of 50 feet by pulling on it and it will remain that length until you want it to return to its original length. It sheds dim light in a 30 ft. radius, so it’s not ideal for sneaking around with.
The Natural World A book bound in green leather with gold inlay written in Elven script and filled with
knowledge about nature (anyone who reads the book gains Survival proficiency; if they
already have proficiency, they gain +3 to the skill). It takes a week to read the book
and gain the magical effect.
Weighted Net Martial ranged weapon, special, thrown [range 5/15]


3-3 [Sir Jeffrey]

More of the fire beams had appeared during the night, but not close enough to endanger us, or so Obinorcle had informed me when I switched out with him on watch for the night. Sure enough I saw a few come down as well. They’re incredibly well contained, and composed of very high levels of mana. We never did discover what’s causing them, a mystery to be sure!



The insects in the jungle are relentless, they just bite and bite and bite and bite. There’s no getting away from them. Not unsurprisingly talking to them was fruitless, that’s standard fare though. I tried a few things with my magic to see if I could repel them but short of murdering them there doesn’t seem to be anything that works, so I’ll just have to suck it up I suppose. I tried a repellent for Ramas which after arriving back in town really looks to have done the trick…


You see, once we returned it became clear Obinorcle and I had some unwanted guests. Some bot flies had decided we’d be good hosts for its larvae. We found a few on each of us, Ramas and Kal however were rather absent of any infestation.


Long story short we went to the apothecary who was able to help us clear up our issue. She was also quite happy to offer some advice of dealing with the local insect population, although she noted there was only so much one can do.




With that adventure behind us we started heading back to the inn to meet with Ramas’s new best friend, Ogir. We decided to give his fallen cousins a bit of a send-off for Ogir, so Ramas went in to get him while Obinorcle got the remains ready to present and I pulled out my bagpipes. As he came out I started to play and Obinorcle brought him the remains.



He seemed over taken with the act, either that or it had been so long since he had seen the sun that it was causing him to tear up*. After thanking us he offered us some mithril vests full of gems, they had apparently belong to the fallen families. I did suggest their family might want them back and he seemed rather adamant that he had no intention of letting them know what had happened anytime soon. That’s rather cold, I know I would be rather upset to be them and to not be told, but… well… dwarves I guess.



Shortly after we were discussing our next move. We had wanted to see if Thenosis was around in order to check on the goblins, but he was nowhere to be found. So outside the inn we weighed our options, we had only been gone a day so we figured our best bet was still to head up to their camp and see if the strange massive mutated one was still there.


That’s when Sir Jeffrey arrived with his magnificent locks of hair and shin… stop it Ineis, get a hold of yourself! I honestly don’t remember exactly what he said, but kneeling before me and said something about such beauty and and nobility standing before his very eyes being a gift from the heavens themselves. He took my hand and gave it a kiss just like I’d seen some knights do for some noble ladies in the empire.



I’m sure my face was bright red, I could feel it burning, and was sure that everyone for 100 miles around had to have heard it and was gawking. I’ve had my fair share of random guys come up over the last dozen years while searching for my sister in all kinds of seedy places, laying one bad line after another, but not like this! Either that or he was very good!



He introduced himself as Sir Jeffrey, a widely travelled Paladin, while gracefully he arose to his feet and staring right at me with his deep blue eyes he drew out a magnificent sword. The sun seemed to shine down on him illuminating his silvered armour and weapon and he did a rather impressive flourish with his blade. To my side I could see, and they seemed to be draped in some darkness, Obinorcle looking rather impatient, and Ramas picking something from his ears, and then looking back at Sir Jeffrey it was like the stars themselves sparkled on his chest. Finally, a REAL paladin I thought to myself. Well a real fairy-tale one anyways…


He handed his sword to me, hilt first. I accepted it and gave it a little swing, I could immediately feel it was radiating very powerful divine magics. I gave it a little awkward twirl of my own. He told me about some of the big battles he had been in, and they didn’t even sound made up, they were ones I had heard of before! Clearly he was the real thing and not like all the fake braggarts, right? Oh me… Then as I was handing him his sword back he said I must simple grant him the honour of accompanying him to dinner. Dinner with this guy? How could I say anything but yes? I could picture it in my mind… a nice relaxing evening.



“Of course, Sir Jeffrey!” was my answer, “I’d love to!”. A night enjoying the company of this fine paladin, to get away from everything that was going on even for a little bit would be quite the treat! We arranged a time for him to pick me up, and, with a swooshing bow he bid me a good day, lamenting the hours he would be out of my sight. I looked up and gave my sister a wink.



And then Obinorcle did what Obinorcle does best. “You know we’re not going to be here tonight right?”. I told him to hush, there was plenty of things for the lot of them to look into tonight, for I had a date with Sir Jeffrey, so I wasn’t going anywhere. He gave a bit of a sigh.



I was a little day dreamy but they decided to go visit Fingoli, it seems his niece had been captured by cultists. That should make for a good adventure for the three of them and keep them out of my hair for a bit I figured. We made our way to his place, he turned out to be a high elf. Well I wasn’t going to let even that ruin my mood!


He rambled on about diamonds or something and not using magic. And then Obinorcle poked me, “Hey Ineis, did you hear? He knows Sir Jeffrey, Sir Jeffrey the High Elf!”. I pulled my head from the clouds and had them say it again. But I didn’t even see his… ears… that were covered by his hair…

Well so what I thought to myself. My Uncle Agnard is a High Elf. It had apparently taken a long time for my family to accept him though (this was of course before I was born). And it was just dinner anyways. Would everyone be upset… now I was starting to get worried. What would mom and dad think? And Ban? My grandparents? I know most of the High Elves of the Summer Kingdom are crazed lunatics looking to suck every last drop of magic from the land for , heck this Fingoli is trying to pull people off this quest so he can make some gold from a diamond mine or some such nonsense. And he’s even doing it under the guise of a kidnapped niece for goodness sake! Jeffrey had to know I’m a wood elf, maybe he doesn’t care? I mean there are some elves who don’t judge. I know they’re not all evil to the core, but I also know that in both our societies it is a big taboo to court with the enemy so to speak. Maybe he really does have the nobility of a true Paladin and can see behind the hate. I know I have a hard time with it.


I was being pulled out of the home, I’m not really sure how everything went in the end, but Obinorcle was letting Fingoli know we had to go as I had to get ready for my date with Sir Jeffrey. I really didn’t know what to do. I don’t think Jeffrey was going to try and hurt me, it wouldn’t make any sense, plus I can’t imagine how he could have faked the magic in his sword. Although I guess he might be serving a darker deity.


Obinorcle was skipping playfully along, it looked a little silly for a middle aged gnome. It was clear he was having a great time. I got dragged to the Gear Up store. I protested that I already had a perfectly fine dress for dinner, I had picked one up the other night for a drink with my sister, but Obinorcle was having none of that. “After all,” he said, “this is for a date with Sir Jeffrey, the High Elf Paladin! You have to look your best!”


I tried to fight him at first, it was weird, kind of like having your uncle come help you pick out clothes for a date. But he really did have a good eye, and heavens know my knowledge of what’s normal in the empire and how to look like it is probably as good as Ramas. I mean I know what looks right, but I have no idea how to put it all together. Obinorcle was a pro.


Once everything was put together he stood back to admire his work. “Hmmmmmm….” he said. I could tell this wasn’t going to be very kind. “It’s a little loose in the chest. It’s a shame you’re so flat chested.”



What is he talking about? I’m not… well… maybe a little… by non-elven standards… and I’ve had bigger ones! I’ve changed into things with breasts the size of Obinorcles head! I like mine the way they are thank you very much! I know he was just trying to get my goat, but who wouldn’t get flustered about it in that situation? He kept rummaging around with the shopkeepers help, they found a handbag (What do I need that for?), some shoes, and some makeup (he was suspiciously good at applying it, far better than I would have been).



The shopkeeper run up the bill which I made sure Obinorcle was paying, his fun wasn’t going to be totally free. The concern about him being a High Elf kept rattling around in my head. I strongly considered just turning into a bird and flying away for the night. No, I  put my foot down. I was being silly. I’m going to go have a good time tonight.


We returned to our homes, around the scheduled pick up time Obinorcle came over and helped me get ready. Then the appointed time came. Then 15 minutes later. Then another 15 minutes later. Well, I figured, maybe he was trying to make a fool of me for some reason. With Obinorcle in tow I went and picked up Ramas and figured I may as well make the best of the situation and decided the three of us would go get something to eat.


Near the inn an elf dressed as a servant actually ran up to me. “Madam, I am here to teleport you to Sir Jeffrey’s estate.”



I inquired as to where he was and was told he was finishing preparations for our wedding. Oh, well that makes sense. Of course, why would a perfectly normal person come up and talk to me that way out of the blue. While I am aware there can be cultural misunderstandings with words, this one seems a little too extreme. He’s up to something I decided.


“Shall we go madam? He said clearly you were the one for him what with your beauty and obvious nobility. Now shall we get going?”


Obinorcle was beside himself laughing. I let the servant know a few things he could pass along to “sir” Jeffrey for me, none of them terribly kind.


“You do realize by turning this down you will be incurring his enmity?”


I wanted to tell him that I was shaking in my fancy pantaloons, but instead I told him if Jeffrey isn’t elf enough to come and explain himself to me then there is no way I’m letting him teleport me away. I looked over at Obinorcle who was on the floor with tears rolling down his eyes, I’m not sure he could breathe, good I thought at the time. I looked over at Ramas who looked rather hungry and bored. I put my arm through Ramas’ and said “Let’s go get some dinner.” leaving Obinorcle and the elf-servant. Maybe they went and got some supper together? I’m not really sure.


Later that night I burned off some anger on the beach rampaging around as that new awesome dinosaur. I hope I didn’t put too much of a fright in anyone!


*Note to self: Stop being so mean, he just lost his cousins, that’s probably why he’s so grouchy


3-2 [Dinotastic]

As usual I was up before the others the next morning and decided to take a stroll through the greenhouse to see what they were doing up there. I had assumed they were trying to grow some food but there is an effort to perform some experiments. I didn’t get into the details, I probably don’t want to know right now, nothing the empire seems to do seems right, and there is a more pressing matter at hand.



A few hours later everyone else was up, hangovers and all. We had a discussion about what our first action was going to be, Obi seemed to want to go investigate some Goblins who would attack the town from time to time and whom, if stories were to be believed, had keep wiped out over and over and over again only to continue to return days or weeks later. This seemed rather suspicious, maybe something to do with one of the relics?

I suggested we go talk with Thenosis and see if we could get him to sweep the area with his scrying magic. I also wanted to watch him a bit more, I think I almost understand how it works.

So off to the inn we went, and sure enough there he was. Fortunately he was more than happy to show off his talents and he did a scan of the goblin camp for us. He seemed a little surprised to see a larger goblin there, he looked like he was at least 20 feet tall and quite deformed and monstrous. He’d scryed the camp dozens of times but this, he said, was the first time he’s seen this creature.

So that seemed to settle it. We decided, or thought we had, to go check out the goblins. Ramas however seemed a little miffed but he lead the way. I soon noted we were not going in the direction of the Goblin camp. I asked where we were going and he said to help the dwarf.

We decided to let Ramas have his way (like we could have stopped him anyways), the dwarves cousins were the better part of a day away, the Goblin some 4-5 days we figured. So off we went to find the dwarves who, according to the drunk racist dwarf, were incinerated by a beam of fire from the sky. Well I guess he has a friend in Ramas at least. Kal decided to head back to town to take care a few things if we were going to go on this little hike instead of the Goblins.





We actually came to a clearing several miserable hours later. The jungle insects were trying to eat us alive. Surprisingly enough we saw 4 pillars of fire coming down from the sky. And even more impressive was the pair of giant dinosaurs I saw on the other side! They had to be 35 feet long at least, and 20 feet tall!! Arbol had told me about giant ones, I had never seen one, and he sure was not going to take a kid to visit these! They were so amazing! They had killed some creature and were eating it. I kept my eye on them admiring them while Obi and Ramas took a look at the beams.


Studying them I realized with this cloak I had received from Saleen I could take on their shape, form all their muscles, rise to their height! This was going to be incredible! I don’t think even Arbol could hope to do that!




One of their heads popped up from its meal and sniffed the air. I took some steps back. The second followed suit. I took more steps back, behind Hogarth this time. They both looked over our way and I called out watch out! They let out a thunderous roar (so amazing!) and came charging at us. There was a river between us that I’m not sure I could have safely gotten across, it posed no challenge to them at all.


One charged at Ramas and its teeth ripped into him, he lifted his head triumphantly as it began to chew on him. At the time it occurred to me I should really stop admiring them and help! Obi had tossed some daggers out and cast a spell on them causing them to start moving about.

The other dinosaur was being fended off by Hogarth as it tried to snap at Obi! Focusing I shifted my form to match theirs, and immediately I was almost overwhelmed by it, my muscles rippled well beyond anything I had felt before, my senses were heightened to those of an apex predator, I could smell the creature they had killed, it smelled good, really good.



The second dinosaur had managed to bite down on Obi who had in turn directed his daggers at the one chewing on Ramas. Ramas, however, with a blow to its head broke free from it. I dove at the other that was trying to eat Obi, no one eats my gnome! I clomped into its neck and tried to force it down. And I noticed the oddest thing, Ramas had sat down and was pulling out a sandwich from his pack.





Seeing its mate running and the danger it was in it released Obi and made a run for it. Obi sent his daggers chasing after it into the woods slaying the beast.

I found myself a little overwhelmed however by that kill on the other side of the river and starting stomping my way over there. The river posed no obstacle, in fact, I thought, I was more an obstacle to it! Well, maybe not in retrospect, but I felt like I was! Behind me I could near some squabbling from Obi and Ramas and it just didn’t seem important, the creature, some amphibian, smelled so good. I started ripping pieces of it out and chewing down voraciously.





A short time later I finished it and started come back to my own senses. I could see Ramas had crossed over to this side and Obi was over on the other side of the river looking rather unhappy. I suddenly remember Ramas taking out his sandwich when Obi was in trouble…

Figured I had better switch back before I lost control again I resumed my normal form as I started strolling towards Ramas. I felt my body go weak and slow and had fully returned by the time I reached him, feeling rather lesser than I had been. And what was that in my mouth…I reached in and found a piece of the creature… it tasted repulsive and smelled even worse. I whipped out my water skin and started gulping it down rinsing the taste away. Taste is a funny thing.

Speaking with Ramas it seems he doesn’t like how Obi keeps proclaiming about his saving the empire. I had no idea why he’d even care. I said the first thing that came to mind. “Are you jealous of Obi?”. I could hear Obi stifle a laugh. Ramas and I talked a bit, I pointed out how in 40 years when he was old and leading his clan with many powerful sons and daughters with his worthy wife Obi was still going to be working on untangling magical puzzles and secrets, what was there for Ramas to be jealous of?




That seemed to lighten the mood thankfully. We started back over to the other side of the river.. wow was it ever swift. Ramas helped me across, I’m pretty sure it would have swept me away easily.




Obi and I took a look around at the points the beams had been burning (they went out while we were investigating). We found a few more points around hte area too. They were not hitting near the trees (which makes sense or they would have been burned away).


Ramas went out to find the corpse of the dinosaur and came back not too much later with some meat he had cut from its corpse. And then he cooked us supper. It was amazing! Who knew he was such a good cook? Finishing it I wondered what the dinosaur meat would taste like to a dinosaur given how good that other creature tasted as a dinosaur but how horrid it was in my normal body. Ah experiences!




As it was getting close to dusk we opted to setup camp for the night. Obi had a spell that he said should keep us safe from a number of things and he started listing them off while I nodded at each one. I didn’t hear giant dinosaur on his list but I can’t imagine there are a lot of those around here, the ecosystem wouldn’t support it. I figured this would be as good a time as any to start my experiments for the tree. I cut my hand a bit and let the blood pool on the ground a bit and then in a second puddle on the other side of some dirt I piled up. I healed the minor wound and hit one puddle with the spell and saw that the dirt seemed to offer no resistance to the spell what so ever. Obi noticed my effort and just warned me to be careful, the blight spell is very dangerous indeed. I don’t imagine he’s ever had any students under him.




Well I thought I was done this entry, but we just had the oddest thing happen. I could feel my drink starting to take hold when Obi started calling out. Looking at what had his attention I could see hundreds of frogs.

They were just sitting there, staring at us. I’m not sure if they were after a drink from the river, or maybe some of the ground warmed by those beams, but it was strange. I was able to shoo them away easily enough. Time to trance!




3-1 [Hope’s Cove]

Ramas found that Saleel had slipped a note into his bag during the night. He had his eye on us as soon as entered the city as this was apparently one of his ships. He quickly figured out where we were from and that we were involved with the fighting against the Lich Lords. He baited us in the bar so he could test us to see if he figured we were worth spending some of his resources on, for he too fears the Lich Lords it would seem.


I was a little miffed at Ramas over what we did and what he put everyone though, even if I did push him on it a bit he still lost his cool. Even ignoring Kal and myself he put his sister at risk, he couldn’t have asked for a greater gift than finding her alive and well, and then a few hours later puts her in such danger. It’s clear now it was going to go down that route regardless of what he did, but he still made the decision.

As we were packing up to start off on our way Kal got a sending from Obi! He had arrived in Mir safely after some harrowing event with some wizards and undead creatures or the like. Maras and her army had vanished from around Galinios after coming to some kind of agreement with Gladness, and it seems Obi had come up with a means to remove the seeds of evil and was now a hero of the empire, but it was nothing big apparently as he put it. Over and over again. Gnomes, they’re so lively. I wish we had a few more!


I had no idea what the seeds of evil were at the time, but they were what Maras was using to raise her undead army so quickly. I wondered if maybe this was what had happened back home, maybe some early test of them? It would explain how they bypassed the scouts on the borderlands and the Forest Wall. I had suspected they came from the Summer Kingdom, I’m sure they were not pleased with the wall, it would push any major incursion from the wastes into their land, but now it seemed that there was a plausible second alternative, maybe she was testing. But I doubt it.  Or maybe a horde formed in the wastes and managed to make its way past our scouts undetected. I suspect I’ll never really know.

It seems we had gone missing some 3 weeks ago and Obi’s been trying to contact us every day since and was just about to give up. I would swear it had only been a few days, but it did feel strange in the Astral plane.

It was clear that Banori would have passed over to the next world by now, and that means it was time for me to move on as well. My real concern now is making sure that everyone slain has made it across. I started floating an idea in my head, I don’t know if it is even possible, and I  will definitely need some magical assistance. But I think in much the same way I can almost hear the wood call when I try and commune with it, I can do the same with the after world. I’ll need something tied to the it, something I can imbue with the energy that moves the soul from this world to the next, and it needs to be attuned to mine. If I can find a way to grab that maybe I can augment my plant growth magic to try and make a plant grow from that energy, its bark and nuts acting as a conduit the same way I use parts of the forest to listen to it. Time will tell, and it is going to need some precautions, but I’m actually getting a little excited at the prospect!


We arrived outside Mir about a week later. I was going to make up an excuse to avoid going in but nothing plausible came to mind. And really, I figured, I’m with Kal, one of their commanders, and Ramas who is three of any of them. If anyone even recognized me who was going to even say anything? Still, I did dart around the two of them to use as cover when we passed by any guards, and I kept an eye on where my exits were. I do not like this city.

Kal took us to a pub and Obi joined us there. Obi was regaling us for the third time about how he had saved the day and was now a big hero, I couldn’t help but smile at his antics. It sounds like he really did some impressive work.

As we just started into our food a messenger arrived for Obi. The Emperor wanted to see us. Well, I figured he can wait until I’ve eaten. But then Obi, Kal, and Ramas all got up. Inwardly sighing I got up as well. I really was looking forward to a proper rest and maybe a chance to have a farewell drink with my sister that evening.


We were taken to a magical circle like the one in Bastion Keep we used to teleport the wand to the capital. We stepped inside and a nearby wizard spoke a few words and were sent off to the Capital. It was the first time I’ve been magiced away like that, and my goodness it is convenient!

At the other side we were met by an escort and were taken to meet the emperor himself, Gladness. They took us to his very bedroom, it seems the emperor had fallen ill.

As we entered he looked over at us from his bed, there was an awkward moment of silence, it took a moment for me to realize there was some bowing going on. Should I be bowing? I had no idea, so I just stood there looking around the room awkwardly. I’ll never understand peoples need for fancy titles and bowing and the like. I’d feel a little silly if I had people bowing to me all day long… I wonder if he does too?


Finally he started speaking. They had made some contractual agreement with Maras in return for her taking her troops and leaving. The Empire was now somehow bound to the very life of Gladness, and in my expert opinion he does not look good. I’m sure he’s already had his best healers look at him. Two years they expect is how long he has, give or take.


I’m not sure I would really care given normal circumstances, the ruler of a land that seems more interested in playing games with us and our vile cousins passing. While it might bring some temporary strife in the empire, would largely leave us alone. The collapse of the empire however would no doubt have catastrophic effects back home, far more than just the simple passing of ruler ship to another.

Of course there would also be no reason for Maras not to continue on with her conquest of murder and blood cloaked in the claims of immortality to all. Why would anyone in their right mind want to live in this world forever? They’d never get to see their fallen loved ones again, they’d never get to experience whatever wonders the next stage holds.

While I know we would fight tooth and nail to the bitter end, clearly my homeland is not strong enough to stand up to this threat. The Empire can’t be allowed to fall. Gladness told us of 4 artifacts from past times that may hold the power to stop the lich.

The Chalice of the Mother
The sword, Retribution
The Hammer of the Maker
The Rings of the Masters

All contained within the Old Kingdom if their research is correct, assuming they even exist. They have no idea what they are, what they look like, how they work, only that they have great power. Or at least, they’re not telling us otherwise. I can’t imagine though they’d stake everything on this rather than attempting a final stand if they didn’t think it had a chance of success.

A camp had been setup on the Southern tip of the Old Kingdom called Hope’s Cove, where the call to adventurers had gone out. We were asking to go there and help with the search with promises of trinkets and titles and lands and the like. While I was dismissive of it at first, maybe it might give me some influence to help shape the empires politics. If an elf from the Verdant Kingdom were to be of great help in saving the Empire maybe it could help sway the Emperor and sign an alliance with us?

While I don’t think such a thing would really help my people in the long run (the Empire seems unable to properly hold it’s own lines and clearly cannot protect its own people), it is something our kingdom wishes for. If an Ironleaf, the last Ironleaf at that, were to help seal a deal between our nations, surely that kind of story would live on for generations to come, keeping my family’s name from being forgotten in the annals of history.

Worst case scenario, I could get eaten by some… well I’m actually not even really sure what lives down there, Arbol never took me anywhere near that area and it’s never really drawn my interest. But I’m sure there is something interesting that can eat me which will impress everyone in the next world!

We agreed to join the hunt. There were some thanks given, some more bows, possibly even some grovelling and the like and we were off back towards the summoning circle.

On the way there Kal said something rather shocking. “We should kill him.” In reference to the emperor. He said he thought the sick emperor should move on and let his daughter Hope take over, pass on the reigns of leadership so to speak. I can only assume this is just a case of me not really getting Dragonborn humor, it can be rather alien at times. But no one else seemed to get it either. I can’t imagine he was serious, he’s a Paladin of the Empire for goodness sake, or at least he says he is. Hmmmm….


We were once again magiced away this time arriving in Hope’s Cove. We got ourselves acquainted with the general layout of the town and then went to introduce ourselves to it’s mayor. She was a Halfling. She directed us to our homes, and it seems they were expecting 6 of us. One place for Obi and Kal, one for Ramas and his sister, and one for me and my sister. As there was 4 of us there seemed to be some confusion as to who would be sharing a place. Ramas was quick to volunteer to let Obi and Kal have their own and bunk up with me… I don’t think that is going to be happening. In the end I claimed the one set aside for my sister and I and let the others figure out what they were going to do.

Heading into the village proper we found a sign posted with some convenient help wanted ads from a few people in town. A number of the petitioners were at the local inn so we decided to hit that up. Some of them were rather repulsive, taking teeth from a beast out in the harbour? A brawling pit? This place was setup to try and find these four artifacts right?

We headed into the inn and it was alive with chatter and all kinds of people from all over. We first met with an older gentleman named Thenosis who had a crystal ball in front of him. He explained that he was looking for some adventuring types to go and check out the ruins of this old city called Nabuna.

Nabuna, the name rang a bell. I thought on it and while I can’t place exactly where I’ve heard about it I know it was a really old lost or mostly forgotten elven city famed for it’s art. I wasn’t sure where it was but Thenosis filled in a few of the details along with showing off some of his impressive divination magics. I might have to pay him a visit later. It was however purely an expedition of academic value it seems, although I guess you never know what will come of it. We informed him that we’d let him know if we were interested.

Next up was a dwarf, and we were warned about him by the barkeep, he was incredibly racist and usually quite mean spirited. Obi came up with the idea of buying up all the Dwarven Ale in the place and to use that as leverage over him if he got difficult. And it paid off. While at first he was rather rude to everyone he seemed to restrain himself a bit after he found out we had the last of it. We talked with him a bit. He had been travelling with some cousins who suddenly found themselves caught in some firey beams o’ light. He fears they were burned to a cinder but wants someone to go check it out for him while offering some dwarven relics that belonged to them.


We left him to his ale and went up to meet a lady in the upper levels who refuses to come down and was quite picky about letting anyone meet her, but had decided after we asked to allow us to pay her a visit. It seems she was with a group who was exploring a ruin and some item changed her shape into what it is now and she is quite upset about it. I really didn’t know how to take that, but I guess she’s allowed to feel that way. As soon as my companions heard there were mind flayers they up and bolted from the room, shutting the door behind them leaving me with her.

I looked back at the door rather surprised, and the petitioner continued on with her story, not so much as missing a beat. Quite rude really. I ended up staying with her for a few more hours, she told me some interesting things, and a lot of things that were not so interesting, but it was clear she was starved for someone to talk to. My companions can take care of talking with the petitioners easily enough, I don’t mind lending an ear. Or atleast I didn’t when I expected her to not carry on for quite so long. I started to look for an opening for a sleep spell, I did have some plans for the night. She never did let up, and she always had a cup of hot tea in her hands so I didn’t want to risk her spilling it. Eventually she seemed to tire, and she said I was welcome to visit her anytime. I might come back if we have another night in town here.

I went back down to the bar. Ramas and co we’re hanging out with the dwarf chugging down goodness only knows how much ale. I really wasn’t interested in what antics they were up to, whatever they had done to turn that rude dwarf around I’m sure I’m better off not knowing. It was a perfect time to slip away.

I went to the bar and ordered up a bottle of elven wine and a couple of glasses. Next I went to the adventurer’s shop in town, I wanted something nice to wear tonight, for I was going to have a goodbye drink with my sister. I didn’t really expect to find anything but I was able to find a nice simple dress in more or less our clan’s colours and went back to my new home.

I got dressed, lit some candles and poured a drink for the two of us. I filled her in on all that went on in the other worlds… well… most of it anyways. I shared stories with her of my favorite times together. When she snuck me out to see the faeries and we got caught coming back. The time where I had come back in tears from a trip with Arbol where he had taken me to meet some Dryads for the first time. He had me terrified they were going to steal my soul and control my mind forever if I didn’t let them braid my hair with those really sharp burs they had (it took me weeks to get them all out), I know they were just playing and he was just having some fun but when Banori asked me what happened she was furious! So many fond memories. And of course finding her again after the disaster, I was so happy to have tracked her down. At least she died knowing shewasn’t alone.



Massive Game Summary (Oct. 2014-April 2015)

It has been a while since the last game summary, so I’m going to do my best to summarize what’s happened since then.

In the last summary, we left our heroes waaaaaaay back in the forest, still trying to get the trees needed for the enormous wands.  Needless to say, quite a lot has happened since then.  So here’s the Cliff’s Notes version.  The party successfully acquired the trees and brought them back to Project Lantern only to have an assassin visit them a couple of times to cause some havoc both on the journey back to Project Lantern and while they were there.  In fact, the assassin managed to kill Fleischer and his lead engineers before slipping off into the night once more.  Just as the wand was completed, an undead horde surrounded the compound and it was learned that the horde was led by none other than Maras the Broodmother, one of the Lich Lords.  She sent an emissary in (a flameskull that was also a dragon skull–nasty foe) to demand that the people of Project Lantern surrender or they would be overrun.  They had 24 hours to make their decision.  Well, Ramas wasn’t having any of that.  He decided that the perfect way to show that they weren’t going to surrender would be to attack the flameskull.  This did not end well.


The fight that followed was long, costly, and bloody.  Maethic, Banori, and Anabelle ended up dying in the fight, fed to the undead.  Only Ineis and Ramas walked out of it alive.  Fortunately, they were joined by a pair of new companions–Kal, the dragonborn paladin and Obi, the gnomish transmuter–just in time to effect their escape.  Kal and Obi were agents of the empire, sent to check on the progress of the wand and to bring the finished product to Bastion Keep where it was sorely needed.  They all managed to escape the surrounding horde by tunneling their way out (with Ineis transformed into a massive honey badger).  They even managed to rescue many of the engineers and personnel at Project Lantern.


Once they had escaped, they made their way to Bastion Keep to deploy the wand.  This ended up going rather well.  The party managed to fight well together.  The wizard added some much-needed battlefield control while Kal provided another heavy-hitting and armor-clad body to soak up hits.  On the way to Bastion Keep, they fought increasingly difficult battles against the foul and noxious abominations that had been pressing Bastion Keep so hard.  When they arrived at Bastion Keep, they found that the situation was pretty grim.

The party then got to flex its strategic muscles and do some commanding of armies.  Surprisingly, they withstood the siege very well, not losing a single unit and utterly destroying the opposition (causing the DM to conclude that he perhaps made a mistake in rules balancing for the mass combat).  With the siege won, Kal was given command of the troops in Bastion Keep.  That’s when they found out that the abominations were saving the best for last.  They had summoned a baby World Eater (a type of Outsider whose name is pretty spot-on) so that they could destroy Bastion Keep.  The party decided that they would interrupt the summoning and attempt to break the abominations once and for all.

The baby World Eater

The battle was fierce and the party ended up ‘winning’ in that they cut down the summoners and caused the World Eater to go crazy and eat all of the abominations, but in the process, Kal was nearly eaten (a couple of times) and the World Eater set about destroying Bastion Keep in record time.  But at least the party lived on!  And not only that, they escaped Bastion Keep with a good portion of the army.  They had learned that Maras had put Galinios, the capital of the Empire, under siege and was currently in talks with the Emperor, attempting to force the Empire’s unconditional surrender.  As they were travelling (Kal still in command of the army), Obi decided that he would take some soldiers along with the enormous wand and go to Galinios while Kal and the others would head to Mir to warn them of the threat and mobilize the paladins stationed there.

As the group parted ways, Kal, Ramas, and Ineis encountered a group of slavers that had begun taking prisoners.  They fought the slavers so that they could free the prisoners and ended up going through a portal to the Astral Sea where the slavers had parked their enormous transport ship.  The battle continued on the ship and before the captain died, he ordered the ship to move on.  This presented a problem to the party as they were now stuck on a slave ship rapidly moving away from the portal they had entered the Astral Sea from.  They wandered the Astral Sea for some time (after finding–to their surprise–that Anabelle had been reborn with a new patron and had been captured and placed on the ship).  Eventually, the party figured out the basics of piloting the ship, but they couldn’t find a portal to the Material Plane.  They decided that they’d be better off just going to the destination already programmed into the ship: the City of Brass.

Meanwhile, Obi fought off some necromancers and ghouls on the Material Plane.  This ended up becoming a very important battle because these necromancers were trying to plant a Seed of Evil–one of Maras’ magical artifacts which created undead by sucking the life out of everything nearby.  Obi was able to beat them pretty handily, though there were a few shaky moments there, and recover the Seed for further study.  He continued on his journey and eventually ended up becoming the Hero of the Empire for finding the method of finding and removing the Seeds of Evil, thereby ridding the Empire of the constant threat of the undead.

The rest of the party, however, didn’t have it so easily.  After tooling around the City of Brass for maybe five minutes, Ramas picked a fight with the wrong ifreet and his fire giant buddies.  The entire party was handily trounced and captured.  They all woke up in slave pens, informed that Ramas and Kal would become gladiators while Ineis and Anabelle would become pleasure slaves for Saleel the efreet.

Saleel the Efreet

After some tense and memorable escapes (particularly Anabelle’s punishment at the hands of the sadistic Overseer and her subsequent vengeance), the party managed to confront Saleel.  The efreet was entertaining some other efreets and decided to make a game of the situation.  If the party could win out against some champions in a gladiatorial combat, they would get three wishes.  The party jumped at the opportunity and proceeded to trounce the daylights out of their competition (though it was hilarious to watch Ramas throw his hammer into the stands at the suggestion of a wizard on the other side.

The party used their wishes to get some sweet treasure, get their original equipment returned to them, and to get back home.  However, when they arrived back on the Prime Material, they found that Anabelle was missing and only a mysterious note gave them any clue of her fate.  Shrugging their collective shoulders, the party continued on to Mir, where Obi was now stationed.  They learned that three months had gone by and that Maras had mysteriously left off her siege.

When they were reunited with Obi (and Obi explained how he had become famous), they all had a feast and were in the process of getting really nice and drunk when they were interrupted by an Imperial messenger demanding that they go to Galinios at once via Teleportation Circle.  Grumbling, the party did as the messenger demanded and met up with the Emperor.

The Emperor was not looking good when they saw him.  The Emperor, in fact, looked to be on his death bed.  The reason the ruler of the world wanted to see them was because he had a desperate mission for them to undertake.  See, Maras hadn’t just given up and left.  The lich lord had, in fact, made a deal with the Emperor.  The deal was a little vague on the details, but the end effect seemed to be that the Emperor traded his soul to her for some time.  This deal had bought the Empire a mere two years or less (the clerics and wizards tending the Emperor could not be sure how long they could keep him alive).  However, once the emperor died, doom would descend upon the Empire.  Therefore, the Emperor had come up with a plan.

The plan was to open a portal to the only place in the Old Kingdom where they could still connect and to search out the four Pillars of Creation.  Artifacts of the greatest wizards and engineers of the time before the Lich Wars that could defeat Maras and save the Emperor from the curse he had on him.  The Emperor had to keep this largely a state secret and carefully control who he allowed through the portal, though he had allowed many adventurers through along with craftsman, artisans, and others so that the adventurers there would be able to have a home base.

The party agreed to join the hunt for the four Pillars of Creation and went through the portal to find that they were in a tropical jungle paradise.  The village that had been founded near the portal was called Hope’s Cove and they party discovered they had been given housing.  They now had perhaps two years to find the Pillars of Creation and figure out how to harness them so that they could then defeat Maras the Broodmother.

They acclimated to Hope’s Cove rather well.  They met some locals, learned the lay of the land, found some quests that had been posted on the local board and decided to do some exploration.  They found many strange things on their explorations, including a couple of T-Rexes and some pillars of fire that lanced down from the heavens and struck in random places in a clearing in the jungle, destroying anything in their path.  They also learned that a group of goblins attacked the village over and over and though the goblins’ village was destroyed time and again, they kept on coming back.

After their explorations, the party decided that they would take care of the goblins once and for all.  With that in mind, they set out and found the goblin village and had this huge fight where they slaughtered the goblins and their misshapen king along with a demon they had summoned (the demon had enacted a ritual whereby as long as the ground was soaked with goblin blood, the demon would resurrect their fallen warriors to fight again).  After the slaughter was complete, they found a few trinkets scattered throughout the village as well as a goblin legend written in several tongues that seemed to point out the location of the Rings of the Masters, one of the four Pillars of Creation.

That is where we last left the party!  So now we’re all caught up and these summaries will begin to be written more often.



2-1 [The Silver Sea]

Dinosaur-girl? I do have a name. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, who wouldn’t? But they know everyone else’s name… they don’t call Obinorcle Magic Wand Guy (as much as he’ll say otherwise about the women…), he’s Obinorcle. Kalshaazakkeh Lonescale isn’t Dragonborn Sword-swingy-breath-on-you guy. I guess he is supposed to be one of their commanders though so I guess sir is more appropriate for the empire (although I don’t quite understand how he got in such a position).  And Ramas isn’t muscle-man, he’s Ramas.


But me, I’m Dinosaur girl to the soldiers. Oh well, I’m probably reading into it way too much.


I spent the next couple of days helping out in the makeshift infirmary, there were a lot of people who were injured from when the world eater attacked and destroyed Bastion Keep. I didn’t have near enough magic so I kept myself busy searching the nearby wood for herbs, roots, and the like to help supplement it, busy enough to help take my mind off things.


Obinorcle took a few of the elite troops and they set off at a faster pace for Mir (all the more Mir for them I say) and the rest of us went with the slower moving body. I didn’t see much of Ramas and Kalshaazakkeh Lonescale for the next couple of days, but on our third day on the road they had sent someone to fetch me when I awoke.

Kal had been sending out some scouts ahead but a number had not returned. By happenstance another scouting party had found them in a ravine a few hours ride from here, but they had been captured by some unknown creatures, humanoid, but their head was that of a goat. They were slowly leading them through some gateway in the middle of their camp.


Ramas, Kal, and I made haste for the ravine along with about 20 men. When we arrived Kal had his men start making their way across the top of the ravine as stealthily as they could, and the three of us entered the ravine.

As it happened I had prepared some defensive spells that day, but before we could formulate a plan the two of them had start off charging down the ravine without so much as a plan. I called out but they kept going. Sighing I figured I may as well put my new magic to use on myself and protected myself with skin as tough as stone, something I would have expected would made it more difficult to move but it really didn’t, and then I was in pursuit of them.

I ran around bend after bend never catching site of the two of them, were it not for the sounds of the two of them and the bodies of those goat-people I would have thought I had lost them. Finally I came into a large opening, and I could see the cages holding the scouts and this odd shimmering portal hovering in the air. There was a ramp setup leading up into it and it seemed there was a great deal of panic from these odd visitors. Ramas and Kalshaazakkeh Lonescale were knee deep in them when I felt an arrow land home, catching me off guard and causing me to lose my spell. I looked up and briefly caught a glimpse of a figure ducking back.

More arrows started to rain down, I caught a few on my shield and took cover by a rock. I threw up a wall of wind on one side of the ravine which seemed to help with the arrows coming from that side for a short time. I took another few from the other side but I did catch one with a spell causing him to tumble into the ravine. More and more were landing near me and a few started to catch what bits of me were exposed, and one dug deep and hurt, I felt my hold on my wind wall spell slip.




I was starting to get rather concerned at this point. I called out to Ramas and Kalshaazakkeh Lonescale for help, although I didn’t know what they might be able to do. I considered burrowing into the wall but I didn’t expect I’d get very far before I would be full of arrows. Fortunately the soldiers we came with came to my rescue!

On the ridge I could hear the sounds of fight, and soon after I could see some of them looking over and nodding at me. Breathing a sigh of relief I got up, a little cautiously at first. If I ever find any of them I’ll have to be sure to thank them.

Healing my wounds which now that I could get a look at them were fairly minor, mostly scratches aside from one caught deep in my leg, I started making my way down to where Ramas and Kal were.

By the time I arrived they were bolsted by the troops and were helping the caged ones out. Kal was giving orders to the troops to return to the main force, he was going to go into the portal and get the men they had taken in and with that he jumped in.


I stopped on my way to join him to help with some of the injured scouts. Once done I walked up before the gateway. It was an odd shimmering…. almost pool I guess, silver like my hair in colour. I took a breath, unsure of what this was going to be like, drew my grass blade, and stepped through.

On the other side i quickly saw we were in, well I guess it was being on the deck of a ship. It wasn’t very big, and there was some door in the floor. And I could see we were on some kind of beast that looked like it belonged more at home in the sea then… it was then I noticed the sky, everywhere was this strange… well it was strange. It almost shimmered, I could see lights in the distance, and it just felt strange, as if it was missing some key properties from our home, or maybe it has more?

Not getting too mesmerized by it I saw Kal had apparently been quickly subdued by more of these goatmen who were now looking my way.I swung at one that was approaching me giving him (or her, I’m really not sure, maybe neither?) a nasty cut and switching into dino-girl! This gave them pause for a moment. I found my footing a little awkward though, the deck clearly wasn’t built with a creature my size in mind.


Snapping my jaws at them I bloodied them up more and soon Ramas came through to join me. He did as he always does and quickly took care of the problem, but during the fight one of them called down below (I’m not sure what he used to do it, but they responded to him) to shove off.

Seeing the creature we were on start moving away from the portal I panicked, I didn’t know if I should jump back or stay. Ramas and Kalshaazakkeh Lonescale were not going to be able to make it, were we going to be able to get back? Could Ban see me out here, wherever here was? These all quickly ran through my head but the decision was made for me due to my indecisiveness.

Ramas finished the last few goatmen off and we found ourselves adrift atop some creature in a strange world.




I awoke Kal and the three us sat in silence as we watched the gateway home fade away. Before it flew out of site is suddenly winked out of existence. I looked at what seemed to be the front of the ship to take in this beast we were riding atop, but it really wasn’t like anything I had seen before. It didn’t really even look like it was aware of itself, it was just moving, no looking side to side, nothing I could see that looked like eyes or a mouth.

Kalshaazakkeh Lonescale and Ramas opened the hatch and went below the deck and I followed, seeing how far this goes in I was quite surprised, surely this must be cutting into vital parts of this creature? We heard a commotion ahead and then just about the most unlikely thing I could imagine came into view. A woman, who looked a great deal like Anabelle, although not quite, dragging an axe behind her and holding her side where she appeared to be wounded. She looked over at us, saw Ramas, and her face lit up. The two of them started talking.


She would proceed to tell us a story of falling into darkness and waking up here in a cage. She spent a few days here when there was suddenly a big commotion and she used the opportunity to break free.

I didn’t believe a word of it. I was wrong as it turned out… I think. But I really didn’t believe it was her at all. The first person who is not one of these goatmen that we run into here just happens to be someone who I saw die a few days ago. Someone who was the sister of one of us. She didn’t even really look the same. No, I was quite convinced something deceptive was afoot. I didn’t know what the game was.

Ramas was obviously overjoyed, there was no way I was going to be able to talk any sense into him, at best he’d laugh it off, at worst he’d flip out and well… I’m sure I wouldn’t very much like that.




Anabelle had seen other creatures in the prison she had escaped from so we decided to make our way there and see if anyone knew anything about where we were and how we get back. There were all manner of people I was entirely unfamiliar with. Some with gills, some who almost looked like they were on fire. A, I guess fire dwarf, going by the name of Scorch, proved very helpful to us. I was pretty unsure about him at first, and I think I was probably a little rude towards him.


All the people here had been plucked from their own respective worlds. Kal’s scouts were here as well. At least it seemed we had found what we came for. A number of the other prisoners were asking about us taking them home. Take them home? Like we had any idea where we were!  I was more than happy to take them home if I had any idea how to and if we weren’t in such a rush to get to the capital.

We went around exploring the ship, we found a few odd items in what we assumed was the captains quarters including what was labelled as a love potion and chests filled with oddly shaped gold coins. Thousands and thousands of them. Anabelle found a strange sword hilt that caused a blade made of some kind of light to form. We also found the ships log books.


One of the rooms we found contained all kinds of odd suits and a chest full of potions labelled as fire resistance.

The last major room we found was a strange circular room with lots of seats and odd contraptions. There were window like panes of glass with words, numbers, and symbols scrolling across them. Clearly this had to be gnomish in design. I found myself wishing Obinorcle was here, I bet he would have loved it.

In the middle of the room was a seat with a strange object that seemed to pull down and rest over your head. Anabelle wanted me to try it out first, but at the time I still had my suspicious of her. No way I was going to do that first. So with a sigh she gave it a go, it seemed to suck the magic from her body but it seemed to make some of the windows in the room light up and change some of the words and numbers on them. It took some played but eventually we figured out that this device was in fact drawing magic from anyone who put it on but they could use it to actually move the ship. The screens in turn were telling us things about how far portals, like the one we came in though, along with some details on them. Or I assume it was more details, the only thing we ended up making sense of was the colour which corresponded to the actual colour of the portal when we arrived.





Time seemed to pass oddly here, I sat down to mentally prepare another set of spells, I wanted to see if I could talk with this creature directly, or maybe control it if it did not seem to be responsive to attempts to communicate. I’m not sure how long I rested, if only felt like a few minutes but when I thought about it I wasn’t so sure, I could have sworn it was hours. Maybe seconds?

I went up top and worked some spells on the creature. I wasn’t able to detect any kind of consciousness from it. This creature appears to have been built, some kind of golem maybe. That would explain how the innards of the ship seem to cut into it without killing it.

I was however able to magically seize control of it. It was very odd to say the least. I could feel myself expand into its form, not too foreign when compared to when I change into other animals but its modes of senses was worlds apart from what I was used to. The closest way I can describe it is I was hearing the same way we see. I could hear differences in whatever the creature was able to sense, but it wasn’t the way we hear. It really is quite difficult to explain without experiencing it. Very interesting, almost exhilarating. I wish I had had more time to experiment with this now that I look back on it, but alas.




In time we figured out how to make the ship move towards the numbers that were showing up on the screens indicating where portals were. The coordinate system used here is very strange, while it still feels like our world there is clearly more ways of moving which might account for the odd feeling here. I tried using a spell to get a sense of direction and ended up with a headache for my efforts.

We experimented moving the ship and watching the numbers and in time found a way to move it towards these locations. Upon arriving at the first destination we chose we found a portal, black in colour. The rest of the former prisoners told us about how conditions in these words can be very different so we decided I would make the initial journey across, being able to change forms quickly it sounded like a good idea.

We went up on deck and decided to take a push rod the ship had and slide it through the portal. Almost immediately it was violently jerked from our hands, something, or someone, on the other end seemed to have grabbed it and pulled hard on it. Ramas and Kalshaazakkeh Lonescale managed to wrestle it back and I quickly decided against going through. We’ll find another we decided.


We ended up visiting a number of these portals and performed similar tests, none proved as violent as the first. There seemed to be a meaning to the colour of the portal, they were all different, but again, more time spent exploring would have been required, time we didn’t have, or didn’t think we had. Like I said time there was funny. I ended up visiting a few worlds, most of which I was not keen to stay in. But one stuck with me, it felt peaceful and serene, it was full of giant trees. I could almost feel a kinship with it. I was sorely tempted to cut the rope that was anchoring me back to the ship and slip away. Would they miss me? I doubt it. There wasn’t anything really left for me back home. But no, I have a job to too, I’m not going to let our name disappear. Maybe I’ll get the chance to visit it again someday.





None of the locales I visited were the homes (or were not suitable locations to enter their world… the stupid ocean world that tried to crush me for example) of the former prisoners on the ship. Scorch finally seemed to get a little impatient with us and politely suggested that maybe we should take the ship where it was already going, to the City of Brass. The owners of the ship had hired the slavers (the goatmen) to man the ship and bring them back people from various worlds. According to Scorch it is a huge city and we should be able to find any kind of help there we could possibly need.

Anabelle and I looked at each other, it was a good an idea as any. We checked out the log book, found the number for the City of Brass and set off on our way.




Upon reaching the location in the books we found there was no portal there, but that was expected, the log book gave time intervals that it opened at. We waited and sure enough it opened up for us. It was a massive portal, I was expecting we’d have to walk in but I guess if that was the case there should be a number of other ships here if this place is half as big as Scorch would have had us believe. We sailed the ship through the portal and were quickly greeted with a crazy landscape. Rivers of lava flowed all around, fires erupted from the blackened ground, and there ahead of us was the largest city I’ve ever set my eyes on, shimmering amongst the flames like brass. City of Brass indeed.



We followed a channel and arrived at a dock. The air outside was unbearably hot. We downed one of the potions we found in the ships supply room and left. The dock master quickly picked us out as new to this place and we found the price of admission quickly skyrocketing as we talked with him. Anabelle tried to smooth talk him with the half set of collectable figurines we found in the captains room. This plus a mess of gold seemed to do the trick.

Scorch lead us into the town. I can’t even begin to imagine how he knew where to go. There were huge buildings everywhere I looked, it was crowded, and, well at least it didn’t feel as hot as it looked like it was.

We kept an eye out for some kind of wizard’s stall, I guess. We really had no idea what we were doing, everything here was just so overwhelming. And it was starting to become obvious that we were attracting attention carrying all the chests of gold along the street, or at least it was to Scortch. He directed us into a nearby bar. Upon entering it I immediately had to step back outside.

It was bigger on the inside! From the outside it looked like a large tent, big enough for a small mess hall, but inside it was enormous. I marvelled at it for a bit before going in with the others.


Ramas of course had gone right to the bar and ordered the biggest drink they had. Anabelle and I spoke with Scorch about the markets here when we were interrupted with this massive man, I would later find out who was an Efriti Prince named Saleel El-Sayed. He was trying to goat Ramas into a drinking contest, winner takes 1000 gold.


Well, I figured, Ramas was about to make a spectacle of himself, but then Ramas is pretty big too, maybe he had a chance? But then he surprised me, he turned him down. Saleel was having none of that. He kept belidgering Ramas who kept saying no. He went from a drinking contest to fisticuffs. Figuring I’d put an end to this. I made my way over and put myself between the two of them and looked way up at Saleel. I made an awkward attempt to challenge him to a knife duel but all that ended up coming out of it was he continued to taunt Ramas into a brawl and, looking at me said he’d be sure to take me upstairs after he was done beating Ramas and… well…

I believed him. What the hell was this guys problem I wondered? Then I did probably the dumbest thing I could have. I encouraged Ramas… “Kick his ass, Ramas.” I said to him. And that seemed to finally get to accept the challenge. I went back with Anabelle to watch. She nudged me and pointed at two giants, fire giants I supposed, in the room who she suspected was in league with him. She stood up and moved between Saleel El-Sayed and them with her sword drawn, in some effort to try and keep this a one on one affair. It looked a little ridiculous, I mean she’s not that much bigger than me, and the two of them were each easily bigger than Ramas.

Ramas and Saleel started their brawl. Punches and kicks rained down on each of them, I found myself wincing everytime Ramas took a blow and feeling a little guilty that I helped push him into this. But clearly this guy wasn’t going to give up, and someone had to teach him some manners.


I cheered Ramas on as the fight continued, but I could see he was getting the worse end of things. And then Saleel made a cheap shot kicking Ramas right in his coin purse. I froze, Saleel had a smirk on his face, Anabelle looked worried at the two giants. And then Ramas did it. He reached for his hammer. Immediately I locked my gaze on one of the two giants who also were now starting to move in having seen what Ramas was doing.

The words of a polymorph spell were immediately on my lips and then one of the giants quickly shrunk down into a small kitten. While I was doing this Ramas drove his hammer into Saleel head who looked a little worse for wear, not anywhere near as badly as I would have expected him to, and he was now drawing a wicked looking scimitar. Anabelle was facing down the other giant who had drawn a scimitar of his own. She swung at him but he avoided her attack, he was quick, and before she could recover he brought his blade down on her, hard. She didn’t even have time to scream or anything and just fell to the ground. Kalshaazakkeh Lonescale made a brave attempt at the giant as well but he too went down quickly.

Ramas was slugging it out and I sent healing spells towards him and Anabelle who awoke again but was soon met by the flat side of the giants blade, once again falling into unconsciousness.

Ramas soon went down and I found myself alone against the two. I moved back to the wall of the bar tent. I could see Scorch at the entrance to the bar, he looked rather panicked, I can’t say I blamed him. Part of me screamed to shift into a mouse and scurry away as well, but I couldn’t leave Ramas, my sister would never forgive me if I left one of her companions. I threw up a defensive spell and felt my skin harden and then I threw some healing magic Ramas’s way. He awoke groggily. Saleel looked down at him in surprise, I don’t think he realize he had been knocked out and thought he was getting up for more. A powerful blow from him sent Ramas down again.

I took up a defensive position as the giant as he advanced on me, but I may as well have been blowing into a hurricane to stop the wind. I tried to avoid his blow but it was for naught, and soon I joined Ramas and Anabelle in unconsciousness




The first thing I noticed when I awoke was the air smelled of sweet perfumes. There was a collar around my throat and I was lying naked on the floor. I quickly looked around and I could see all kinds of women dressed in silken clothes. They were so sheer that they may as well have been naked I thought to myself. A few large men dressed in leathers stood around the rood. Curtains of silk hung down from the ceiling at various points, almost creating rooms. Most of the other women were gabbing amongst themselves, happy and content.

Looking around me I could see a pile of the same silken clothes the other women were wearing. Sheer or not they suddenly they seemed a lot better than nothing to me. I stumbled to my feet quickly dawning the silks (in retrospect they really were rather comfortable, maybe they’ll make good pajamas). I’m sure my face was bright red as I flailed around covering myself, but I soon gave up, what was the point? I was just determined to get out of here, where ever here was.


I saw Anabelle, she was up and dressed already talking with one of the other women. None of the guards seemed to be giving me any mind at all. I overheard her asking where we were and where her brother and Kal might have ended up. We apparently were in a place called the Pleasure Palace, and from the sounds of things it was likely the boys had been taken to some gladiatorial arena. I wished I could swap places with them right then!

I could see a single doorway coming in, it was guarded by a few of those men. I decided to start exploring the other side of the room, I could faintly make out a wall through all the layers of silk and was hoping I could find a window or, well, anything that might be solid enough to use as a weapon. I tried calling on my magic but I could feel the collar trying to block it. As I fought it I could feel lancing pain in my head. I stopped trying to work the spell, I thought I might have been able to overcome it if I had to, no point in making a fuss right now though I figured.

While searching about I heard the door open, I looked over and I could see through all the silk some tall man and Anabelle standing before him. I kept looking but then I heard a cracking sound. I looked back quickly and saw Anabelle on the ground in front of the man who had his arm raised and was holding a wicked looking flail. I started running towards him to try and stop him but he got in several bloody hits on Anabelle before I reached him.


I tried shifting my form but I lost it due to the pain from the collar. Still on my feet and running I ended up trying to tackle him, to at least get him off her. Instead he clobbered me in the face as I got near with a fist and I hit the ground next to Anabelle.

Dazed, I vaguely heard Anabelle taunting him on and then suddenly pain burst from the collars and soon everything went dark again.




Awakening I found the lady Anabelle sitting in front of the lady she had been talking with earlier, she had some ointment she was applying to the gashes on Anabelle’s back while warning her about trying that again. I listened in as she told Anabelle about how no one had ever escaped, some people had tried to use magic but none had ever been successful at overcoming the collars, at least as far as she knows. And why struggle? It is a comfortable life here according to her. I could see Anabelle wasn’t going to have any of that, I sure wasn’t ready to lie down and accept it yet either. I think the look in her face is what made me really think that maybe this actually was Anabelle for the first time.

I got up and walked over to her. I tried my healing magic but again the pain was just too much and I found myself gasping for breath and losing my spell before I could finish it. I really was starting to get a little scared with the situation, there seemed to be nothing I could do about the pain, I’m not physically strong enough to even give the smallest of these guards a good workout, and my magic seemed all but accessible to me.

Anabelle held her hand outstretched and I could see pain wracking her. Then suddenly the sword hilt she had picked up on the ship in the captain’s room materialized in her hand. I gasped. I have no idea how she was able to do it, I couldn’t believe it. Some of the other women were watching this as well and were also surprised when she summoned her weapon. A few guards came over to have a look at the commotion and Anabelle quickly… stashed… her weapon away. Clearly the guards saw her do it. She claimed it was a toy… yeah, that pretty much had me convinced that this really was her.


The guards looked worried, I don’t think they believed her, and I don’t think they were your regular guards. They may have been prisoners here as much as the women were. Can’t say I blame them for not believing her. Around this time I could start making out some yelling from past the door, I couldn’t quite make it out right away but soon after I could tell it was Ramas yelling out “Where is she?”

I could soon see that the guards were also starting to hear the yelling, and this added to their apparent worries. I could see Anabelle heard it too. She whispered something to the lady she had been dealing with, then stepped towards me. “Get ready” she told me. The rest of the women started to dance, and soon the guards were all keeping their eyes on them, I guess it was just easier for them to ignore the yelling.

Anabelle pulling my arm lead me to the door. We pulled on it and it opened with ease. They didn’t even lock it. I was a little torn, part of me wanted to see if we could get the other women freed, but as they had told Anabelle they were quite happy there and thought it was foolish to leave. Of course I also realized they were going to blade the men in the room for our escape no doubt, they are likely just as much prisoners there as the women are. But there was nothing to be done about it.

Our feet smacked across the marble floor as we ran towards the yelling. We can into a huge lounge area. There were some couches and a fountain. And we suddenly saw the man with the flail run past with some guards, they took up position on the far side of the room and then we saw Ramas and Kal come running in.  Chasing them, or so I thought, was a hill giant who looked to be having a great old time. I would later learn his name was Thokka, and he actually was with them, not chasing them. They had all escaped from some dressing room for gladiatorial try-outs or the like.


Anabelle had, retrieved, her weapon and ran in with her brother. I made another effort to shift my form but again it was just too much and I keeled over. I could feel myself on the brink of passing out. So I did all I could, I stood there hiding, my eyes darting around looking for something, anything I could use as a weapon, as Ramas, Kalshaazakkeh Lonescale, and Anabelle battled with the guards and their boss.

A sudden crash near me drew my attention. Thokka had thrown a guard I had missed against the wall not too far from me. I inched back down the hall in the direction we had come from watching cautiously.

Thokka picked up one of the couches and starting smashing it against his target. Bits of splintered wood flew around me, none big enough to use as a weapon. I moved further back, a little worried once he finished up with him he might see me as his next target.

The sounds of him smashing the couch kept going and going and going, my head was pounding from my attempts to work my magic, I could feel myself starting to panic, I had no idea what do to, were the guards from the room going to suddenly come running down the hallway? Could I get past the giant without him taking me as his next target?

Then I heard a click from the collar. I reached up and found it was loose! I pulled it away from my neck and I could suddenly feel the heat of the room. It wasn’t so bad, magically cooled. My companions had defeated their foes and they had found a control rod which they used to disable the collars.

I inched my way back out watching for the giant. He had completely destroy the couch and was not flailing the body around against the wall with a grin on his face. I hugged the wall and once I was past the giant I ran to rejoin the others. Anabelle was playing with the control rod and had the flail in her hand standing over its former owner. I ran up behind her and working some healing magic on the wounds he had earlier inflicted.

I looked over at Ramas and Kal expecting them to be leering at us, well, Ramas anyways, and I guess more at me than his sister. And, well, they weren’t. I guess based on the way Anabelle acts this is pretty normal for home, and Kalshaazakkeh Lonescale is a Dragbonborn. That worked for me.

I then noticed what Anabelle was doing, She was torturing the man. After what he did to her I can’t really say I blame her. Kalshaazakkeh Lonescale didn’t seem to mind, so I guess if the Paladin was ok with it then it couldn’t be that wrong. But it still made me uncomfortable. She got him to answer a few questions, where Saleel El-Sayed was namely.

He didn’t last too long. When he passed his clothing flickered and we found he had been wearing some glamored armour. I took the padding from under it and put it on. It was too big, and had some fresh blood stains on it, but it made me feel a lot better.




We continued through the halls eventually coming to Saleel’s room. We gathered around the door making ready to burst in and to take care of business. Ramas and Kalshaazakkeh Lonescale together broke down it down and rushed in. And we found a party in progress.


Saleel greeted us and congratulated us on making it. This was not at all what I had expected. There was a banquet spread out, dozens of guests were eating and carrying on. A few took a passing interest in us. I think we might have bored some of them…

He went on some happy rant about how people from our world think the Effriti are these beings that live in lamps and grant wishes. He then proposed a battle, 5 of his champions against the 5 of us, if we won he’d play along and grant us 3 wishes, but if we lost we’d be kicked out of his palace naked and without a copper between us.

For the few minutes leading up to us running into him I had visions of me burying him deeply in piles of the marble his palace is made of. But taking a look around this room I was certain this would be suicidal at best. We took him up on his offer which seemed to make him quite happy.

Three wishes. I had a vision of wishing that Esa’Mylntanali was restored, its people returned to life, even Banori. I thought on it for a minute, I don’t really know if it would have even been in his power or not, but it wouldn’t have been right I decided. They’ve been dead 12 years now, they would have been reunited with departed ones on the other side, and they would have a new life. It would be selfish of me to pull them away from that just so I wasn’t alone. I’ll get to join them in due time. And Banori. She wasn’t herself anymore, obsessed with the undead. I think she’ll be happier with the rest of our family. If I wished her back she’d be right back to hunting the undead, I don’t think I could stand to see her die again.

We were given back our armour and weapons and were lead into an arena, his guests filling out some of the seats. The absurdity of this hit me all at once. We had travelled to this place on some artificially created creature that acted as a ship to sail between the planes where we were taken captive in a city larger and stranger than any I’d ever seen where by a companion who was dead helped me escape some Effriti princes’ pleasure palace where we ended up being given the chance to fight in his arena for three wishes. Even if I died here, or even if it turned out he was lying to us, I was quite certain no one in my family couldn’t help but be amazed at my story when I get to tell it to them!


Before the battle he brought us some healing potions which we drank down greedily. The battle itself wasn’t anything too crazy. Ramas threw his weapon away, I guess he was finding things too easy? Kalshaazakkeh Lonescale was cutting down our opponents with ease along with Anabelle. I found myself fighting some skilled swordsman dressed in heavy armour.

He was dressed in pretty heavy armour which I didn’t think I’d be getting through easily, my initial attack had been to try and polymorph him but their wizard was able to block my spell. I switched to dinosaur form and our dance started. I figured my best bet was going to be to try and tackle him against a stone pillar that stood in the middle of the ring, then switch back to my regular form, rip some of the stone from the pillar letting it fall crushing him.

Unfortunately he proved rather wily and we spent a good deal of time going back and forth. He wasn’t really able to do much to me nor was I able to do much to him. Eventually Kal came to my assistance and I stepped back and started assisting with the healing, Thokka actually looked like he was ready to drop but I rejuvenated him. In fact looking around it looked like Anabelle was also in pretty rough shape. But triumph we did.

Saleel came down to the arena to congratulate us and some of his servants brought our equipment he had taken. Once we had things sorted out he proved to be a man of his word, of sorts. He asked us what our wishes were. Anabelle quickly jumped out and asked for the power to destroy Ursos. Ursos I wondered, who is that?

“Granted!” he said and Anabelle disappeared. I looked over at Ramas, he seemed fine. I demanded to know who Ursos was. “Is that what you wish for?” he looked at me slyly. I glared.


We wished for items from his personal vault, and he delivered. It’ll take me a few more days to really come to see all the utility this cloak and staff I now have are truly worth.

Then Kalshaazakkeh Lonescale shouted out that he wished for us to be returned to our home plane at the point we entered. Dumbfounded I tried to yell no but by the time the words left my lip we were standing in the ravine where we had first entered. Minus Kalshaazakkeh Lonescales scouts, none of the people that we rescued on the ship from the slavers returned home, just us. I don’t think he even gave them a thought. So much for the nobility of a Paladin. Not that I’ve ever really met one who lives up to the stories.




Looking around it has clearly been some time since we left. The cages showed signs of rusting, and the corpses were now mostly piles of bones. I guess Banori’s moved on to the other side now. We’re making camp for now to decide what to do. We don’t know anything about what’s going on, did the capital cave, did Obi make it to Mir? We’ll probably set out for Mir in the morning.